Woman in serious condition after stabbing in George Town

A woman remained in serious but stable condition Monday at the Cayman Islands Hospital after an early morning stabbing in George Town.

She was one of two people injured in an alternation at a bar on Seymour Drive around 1am Monday, according to a police statement Monday afternoon.

Police said a man and woman, both of whom were at the bar, left the premises and crossed the street where they were approached by three men who brandished knives.

An altercation ensued, during which the man and woman were both stabbed. They were taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in a private vehicle.

The woman received life-threatening injuries and remained in hospital Monday afternoon in serious but stable condition.

The man received minor injuries and was subsequently discharged.

Police said the suspects were described as being of dark complexion. One of the men was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, while another was wearing a red shirt and black pants, and the third man was wearing all black.

The RCIPS said officers are aware that several persons were nearby at the time the altercation occurred, and are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact George Town CID at 949-4222.


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  1. I am extremely concerned with the level of crime and violence on the island As I am travelling to Grand Cayman from Canada on December 10th. As a Canadian and part of the british empire I wonder aloud how it is possible for “Your Honour” to spend even one second criminalizing cannabis while thugs with knives and guns roam your streets? It is unconscionable. It is a grotesque misunderstanding of the priorities normal people want. Normal people would like to take their family to dinner without the threat of stabbing or being shot. Still normal adults like to consume Cannabis from an authorized legal source, in which taxes are paid. My Raider Kush I am smoking now, Taxes got paid on it to the government, it was grown in a secured facility, I didn’t have to wait for some stranger in a parking lot to sell it to me at midnight, No I walked into a clean, bright store after a security guard checked my ID. Trust my outside and neutral opinion that a lot , More like a TON of change is coming to the island in a very short period of time, starting with Cannabis, expats business opportunities and deregulation of the hospitality business sector.
    Before I continue, My education is from Michigan State University, The School of Hospitality Business. I am coming in December and I am probably going to ruffle a lot of feathers.
    First is the border even going to open on October 1st??? I am coming December 10th and leaving February 22nd to see if I like the island. Is anyone on the island prepared for intelligent and not poor immigrants? Is anyone getting ready to resume business? Who is going to tell people to start coming back. Who is going to replace all those cash flows to the small businesses. While your government can’t find knive stabbers But is spending money criminalizing a plant from God, what do you think my first missions on the island will be? Setting your priorities straight. I am chrisitian man of god and to see violent crime and nothing being done about it, when I am about to move to your island with all my money and all my personal intelligence and work ethic built over 37 years. Get your s*** together or I’ll get it together for you. These crimes with knives and guns need at a minimum 20 years to life plus automatic removal from the island. There should be zero crime. Your island has enough money to see to it, zero crime. Cannabis isn’t a crime. Expats coming to bring their money, their work ethic, their knowledge and their soul to your island, Is not a crime. Government leaving money in the hands of underground Cannabis importers when in 2-4 weeks they could roll out a legal distribution system, is a crime to all taxpayers and citizens.
    Look! Canadian money is coming. We like to go fishing and eat well and spend time with our families and occasionally smoke a joint in the evening or in the morning with a coffee. Get over it and get to it taking violence off the street or we will go elsewhere with our money.
    I am coming from Canada to start a business in fishing and technology. We will see if I am welcomed or maybe I should go to Bermuda. They have the welcome mat saying OPEN.