Former government minister and sons accused of assault

Mike Adam pleaded not guilty to the charge of common assault.

Former government minister Mike Adam has denied assault charges after police say he punched his neighbour during an ongoing land-easement dispute in an incident that took place on 12 Jan.

Appearing before the Summary Court last week, Adam pleaded not guilty to the charge of common assault.

Court documents have named Adam and his two sons, Jordan and Erick Adam, as having been involved in the altercation when the family had gathered for a Sunday dinner at Mike Adam’s home on Lisa Lane, in West Bay.

The Adam family had been using an easement that runs through a plot of land that has since been purchased by the complainant, Wilson Mendoza, to access the residence.

“This case involves an ongoing land-access dispute between the complainant, and the defendant, that has spanned over two years”, reads the court documents.

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The dispute arose after Mendoza erected a “no trespassing” sign and then blocked road access using boulders. According to court documents, Mendoza did so to protect his children from speeding motorists – a claim the Adam family has denied.

According to the court documents, correspondences between the RCIPS and the director of public prosecutions, there is nothing that prevents Mendoza from blocking the road, which crosses his land.

On the day in question, Jordan Adam is said to have first approached Mendoza from behind and “slapped him in the back of his head, causing his cap to fall off”. After Jordan was restrained by another family member, Mike Adam is said to have arrived on the scene and allegedly “swung a right hook punch which was blocked by Mendoza,” before uprooting the no trespass sign and threatening to “lick” Mendoza with it.

Erick Adam is said to have been the last to have arrived on the scene. According to court documents, Erick Adam “illegally entered on to the complainants property and pushed him in the chest three times, while threatening him”.

The incident is said to have been captured on CCTV.

The court documents show that Mike Adam and Jordan Adam were jointly charged with common assault and causing fear and provocation of violence. Erick Adam was charged with criminal trespass, common assault and causing fear and provocation of violence. However, no court files were found for Jordan Adam and Erick Adam.

Mike Adam is expected to return for a two-day trial in March.

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