21 people in 2021: Blair Lilford

Blair Lilford

While the Cayman 2.0 series has thus far been looking at the ideas and strategies that could make the country a better place, we’re changing things up for December. This month, we’re highlighting 21 people who could turn some of those ideas into reality – or at least get the ball rolling – over the next calendar year.

When Blair Lilford started Salt Technology Group, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to do with the company.

“We started touting this idea around ‘smart island,’” he said. “That initiative, for us, was really around trying to work within the community to modernise our islands’ infrastructure… bringing cutting-edge technology to our island.” 

Much of that work starts with Salt’s Microsoft Azure Stack cloud platform. 

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“That provides the platform for companies to be able to utilise all that cutting-edge technology that you hear about everywhere else in the world,” Lilford said. 

One possible app that could be developed or used with this type of technology is a parking lot app that could help people here manage traffic and parking in highly congested areas. 

21 people in 2021

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“You need the platform to start with, which we believe we’ve put in place for everyone now, to kind of start opening the doors to these other areas,” Lilford said. “And we hope that we’re not the only ones who are going to push this idea.”

He says with his company’s cloud service laying the foundation and continuing to find innovative ways to use it, it will only benefit the country. 

“So here’s Cayman – [it’s] got great infrastructure, not only from a from a roads and buildings [standpoint] but also from technology, where we can utilise the same things and same services we would if we were in New York City.”

From BGP peering, participating in discussions about another undersea cable and working with developing technologies like blockchain, Lilford says his company is looking to discover new ways to harness this technology locally. 

Blair Lilford at a glance

In addition, he hopes to continue to partner with other tech and educational facilities on island. 

Over the last year, Salt has assisted with the donation of laptops to local students and worked with other entities like Code Cayman to help increase awareness of and interest in technology. 

“It has been a challenging year for everyone,” he said. “Technology like [the] cloud has allowed the island to flex and I think we were very fortunate to be in a position that the providers were able to adapt accordingly.” 

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