Legalise cannabis in Cayman

Smoking kills, I read. However, tobacco products are still legal in our Islands.

There are many people on our Islands that smoke. Some smoke tobacco products and there are those who smoke cannabis/herb. I will use the word ‘herb’ in my letter because that is what it is commonly called in our Islands.

People that smoke tobacco products – for example, cigarettes and cigars – can buy and consume as many as they like. There is no limit in our books as yet because it is legal. Should we have these products {made] illegal since it is noted throughout the world that smoking kills?

Having read and heard so much about the consequences of smoking, I have wondered for so long how our government could have ever legalised the sale of tobacco products in our Islands. Some of the things I read/heard about that smoking can cause are: cancer (lung, mouth, throat), clogging of our arteries, and increasing the risk of blindness, infertility and also impotence, to name a few. And when our children see us smoking, chances are that they may become smokers as well. There we go for an unhealthy society.

Knowing all these things, should we continue to keep tobacco products legal?

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Also, we have people on our Islands that use herb which comes directly from the cannabis plant. Some drink it and some smoke it. I have, however, heard and read about many things that herb is good for including asthma, tuberculosis and the flu.

Herb is natural and can be grown in your yard and used straight from the tree. Tobacco, on the other hand, has a lot of chemicals added to it when made into the form of cigarettes; cigars could possibly be made directly from the tobacco tree. These chemicals make it harmful to our bodies and others around us.

I am a believer in equal rights, so I say if the Cayman Islands government can legalise the sale and consumption of tobacco products (without limit) then the Cayman Islands government can and should, with immediate effect, legalise the use of cannabis in our Islands. No more jail/prison time and no more bad police records for persons who choose to use herb.

Our representatives have been legalising things that the majority of us Caymanians have disapproved of, for example the gay marriage issue. I also suggested years ago that the government needs to set a moratorium for investing in our Islands. This also has got out of hand.

No one should have any more rights than any other person so we, therefore, should either make tobacco products Illegal or make the use of cannabis/herb legal. Do what the singer Peter Tosh says, “Legalise it… Don’t criticise it.”

Dora A.E. Ebanks

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