Caymanian Janine Martins is a meditation teacher who has practised the technique for almost a decade. Here, she explains the benefits.

What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of single-pointed awareness. Physiologically speaking, meditating alters the frequency of your brainwaves from alpha waves (the most common) and beta waves (mostly when focusing on goal-oriented work) towards theta waves. Theta waves tap into our ‘third eye’, encourage creativity and a positive mental state. They also improve memory and focus.

Who might benefit from the practice?

Everyone. Particularly, though, meditation will create more resiliency in kids as they deal with the stress of growing up physically and emotionally, anyone with stress-related health concerns and anyone who feels that they lack clarity in their life.

A stable mind is the foundation of anything we do.

Janine Martins mediates on Seven Mile Beach.

Do you need a special place, or special clothing, to meditate?

Although you don’t have to have a specific place or special clothing, if the ritual of those things helps you enjoy it more, then absolutely do it. Generally speaking, I suggest being seated close to the ground, or on a chair with an up-right spine, maybe using a wall for support, if needed. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in so you can be as relaxed as possible.

Where are your favourite places to meditate and at what time of day?

My favourite meditation spots are my bed, next to the ocean, and anywhere in nature. I love to meditate after a long run/cycle, which would be in the early morning or before bed in the evening.

How often is it good to meditate?

There’s no quota for meditation. It’s not how much you do it, but rather how consistently you return to the practice. Over time, a steady practice makes the greatest impact, no matter how much.

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