US readers push for border reopening

It’s time to open the borders so Caymanians can return to their normal life. Why the government continues to punish them is unreasonable and unfair! I’m assuming that just like the US, the government/politicians have been relatively unaffected financially by COVID; it’sjust the average small-business owner and the working class. Set realistic guidelines and get the economy moving! 

There is absolutely no reason fully vaccinated people cannot travel to Cayman from countries with low COVID numbers.

Cheryl Minnerick 

Cayman Compass, thank you for being a constant supplier of information. We are Americans, but Cayman is our second home. We have one rental home, one home we built for retirement, and spare land. 

I tell you this so it is apparent that our family has invested our lifetime of work in the future of the beautiful island. We are heartsick that the idea of a non-quarantined border seems to have gone quiet. 

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We live in Ohio in the US. Here all COVID mandates are gone and lives and human relationships are quickly normalising. We want to come to Cayman but 14 days of isolation means a lot of time from my job and our families. Would the Compass ask the leaders of our second home if there is a plan?

We visited in February-March this year. It was sad to see Tukka and other facilities on the eastern end of the island dying. Can we return to normal?

John and Dawn Westheimer

I implore those in authority to begin now the process to open the island to tourists and timeshare owners, etc, like myself. We are Americans who are vaccinated. 

My wife and I have missed five weeks of vacationing on your beautiful island since last year. We like many others I am surmising have no desire to return if a quarantine of any kind is in place.

That is not a fun-filled vacation experience. I am reading that many business owners are moving towards closing permanently in the next 60-90 days, especially in the tourist-related and restaurant industry. 

Good weather is not the only component of a vacation choice. Please start the process; move on it quickly before the economy hits a tipping point and tourists make decisions to visit other Caribbean locales and possibly never return.

Douglas Lawton

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  1. It is not easy, but putting your home and the family first, over outside visitors who only care about their vacation, I applaud you and Dr. Lee, the job you are doing. Long-time visitor and where my heart and soul resides, Cayman was sustainable years ago without the explosion of growth. Maybe it is time to return to those basics instead of turning Cayman into just any other crowded, tourist island, without a heart.

    • I could not disagree more, and your discription is not what is happening. The Cayman Government is not following the science, evidence, or common sense. They are acting irrationally and letting fear dictate their response entirely. The current plan is rot with illogical policy and inconsistencies. Further, Many of us do not need to be the for “Vacation” but for actual honest to god work, and the ignorant xenophobia of the Cayman government (and by your response, at least a few of its people) has been gut wrenching. Locking out your country form the world when the rest of the world is moving on (and rightfully so) in the long run only hurts Cayman. The Pandemic has been mitigated by the vaccine and failing to adjust to this fact and let vaccinated folk come and go boarders of oppression, not “doing what is right.”