CPA to hear West Bay townhouse development application

An application for 10 townhouses to be built at the end of Barnett Close in West Bay is being considered by the Central Planning Authority.

The Central Planning Authority will hear an application on Wednesday for a $1.6 million townhouse development in West Bay on land that was cleared earlier this year without permission.

Ironshore Contractors and Builders have applied to build two two-storey buildings, consisting of 10 townhouses, as well as a cabana and pool, at the site on Barnett Close, off Birch Tree Hill Road.

According to information on the CPA’s meeting agenda, a site visit was undertaken on 28 May following a complaint regarding land clearance, and the Department of Planning advised the applicant that retrospective applications for that work would be required, but to date, no application for after-the-fact clearing has been submitted.

The Department of Environmental Health said it did not recommend the application be approved because the development’s proposed solid waste facility did not meet the requirements of the DEH, and due to the location of the garbage enclosure, which DEH dump trucks would have difficulty accessing.

The Department of Environment, under its delegated authority from the National Conservation Council, did not object to the proposed development, “as the application site is man-modified and of limited ecological value”.

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Neighbouring landowners raised concerns over the proposed plan, saying their chain-link fence was damaged during the unapproved land clearing.

In their written objection to the planning board, the neighbours said, “We have not been contacted with regard to the repair of our fence. Although it is understood this is not a planning matter, it raises concerns about how the property owner will handle any future issues.”

They submitted a number of questions regarding the development, including what flooding mitigation would be done; whether a perimeter wall or fence was proposed along the site’s boundaries and, if so, how it will be constructed; the height of the project’s walls or fences abutting their property; and whether construction would take place at weekends.

No room for cars

The objectors also pointed out that Barnett Close is a narrow street and that a dead-end near their property was the proposed entrance to the site, stating that there is no room for cars or heavy equipment to park on the road.

In its analysis, the Department of Planning noted that the application site, which is zoned high density residential, is located behind existing residential dwellings sited to the north, and that neighbouring properties bound the site to the east and west, with vacant land located to the south.

It invited CPA members to consider the character of the surrounding area and to determine
whether apartments are appropriate in the location.

Regarding access to the site, the department noted that a vehicular right-of-way exists at a nearby parcel of land, and said the CPA typically would want to see evidence that the owner of that land had agreed to grant a right-of-way before considering the application for approval.

The department also pointed out that setbacks at the property, under the planning regulations, are required to be a minimum of 20 feet, but the setbacks on the application were less than that.

The CPA will hear the application at 10:30am on Wednesday, 4 Aug.

See the full CPA agenda here.

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  1. So a landowner cannot clear his own land? It’s zoned high density so that would mean affordable housing for rentals and/or sell. I am sure a chain link fence will be an improvement to Barrnett close, just off Birch Tree Road.