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Tourist with bullet in bag gets absolute discharge

An American man found himself before the Summary Court on 16 Jan., after airport security found a bullet in his bag.

Trial begins for cruise passenger gun charge

The Grand Court jury trial of Carol Ann McNeill-Skorupan, a cruise ship passenger accused of illegally possessing a handgun and ammunition, began Monday without the defendant being present.

No conviction recorded in airport ammunition case

A 49-year-old man was granted an absolute discharge with no conviction recorded Tuesday for accidentally bringing a round of ammunition to Cayman in his luggage.

No evidence offered in Brac ammunition case

The Crown offered no evidence Tuesday against Cayman Brac resident Erbin Darrell Tibbetts Jr., who had been charged with being reckless or negligent while in possession of ammunition.

American businessman brought bullet

A businessman on his first trip to Cayman ended up staying longer than he intended after a single round of ammunition was found in his knapsack on Wednesday, Feb. 20. I

Trial set for tourist’s firearm charges

Trial has been set for Monday, April 15, in the case of an American woman who pleaded not guilty to possession of a handgun and ammunition without a license in the Cayman Islands.

Man came for KAABOO, stayed for court

A young man who came to Cayman to attend the KAABOO festival this past weekend ended up staying longer than he intended because he was obliged to attend Summary Court.

Cruise ship passenger’s charges go to Grand Court

A cruise ship passenger arrested earlier this month in Grand Cayman had charges against her aired in Summary Court on Thursday afternoon. Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn ruled that the matter should go to Grand Court.

Cruise ship passenger elects Grand Court for gun charges

An American woman who had been on a cruise ship that visited Grand Cayman appeared in Summary Court on Monday and elected to have charges against her dealt with in Grand Court.

US State Department cites Cayman firearm policy

In Summary Court on Wednesday, Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn drew attention to the website of the U.S. Department of State, which now lists the Cayman Islands in its travel advisory section.

Cayman ‘nothing like Texas,’ magistrate says

Dealing with an American tourist on Friday afternoon, Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez accepted the woman’s explanation for having ammunition without a firearms license, but told her that Cayman’s laws are very strict. Possession of ammunition alone, without a firearms license, can land a person in jail, she warned.

12-year-old boy found not guilty of firearms charge

A 12-year-old boy appeared in Grand Court on Friday to face allegations of illegally possessing ammunition, a charge that can potentially carry a multi-year prison sentence.

Customs makes 58 drugs arrests during 2017

Significantly increased levels of cocaine trafficking in the Cayman Islands were noted by Her Majesty’s Customs service, as well as the Royal Cayman Islands Police.

Bullet in backpack costs tourist $750

A tourist from New Jersey had his stay in Cayman extended by a day and his holiday budget expanded by $750 after airport security personnel found a bullet in his backpack.

American tourist fined for loaded gun

An American tourist was ordered to pay $13,000 in fines and costs on Friday after pleading guilty to importing a .22 revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition.
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Five bullets found at Brac high school

Five bullets of unknown caliber were found in a bathroom in the Layman E. Scott High School in Cayman Brac Monday evening.

No conviction for student with bullet

A visiting student appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when she pleaded guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm, a single round of ammunition.

Bullet found in backpack of frequent visitor

A man who has been visiting the Cayman Islands since 1983 appeared in Summary Court on Thursday charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm – a 9mm bullet.

Bail granted in 10-year bullet sentencing case

The woman sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment for unlawful possession of four bullets was granted bail on Tuesday pending her appeal of her conviction and her sentence.

Visitor will remember ‘expensive bullet’

An American visitor appeared in Summary Court Wednesday after being stopped at Owen Roberts International Airport the previous day when a bullet was found in his luggage.

Woman had husband’s bullet in carry-on bag

A woman using her husband’s bag as carry-on luggage pleaded guilty on Friday afternoon to possession of one round of .38 ammunition, discovered at the airport that morning. Crown counsel Scott Wainwright said the woman attempted to board a flight to Miami.

Souvenir bullets land traveler in court

Two bullets kept as souvenirs cost a tourist $1,000 when she appeared in Summary Court on Monday, charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm.

‘Leave firearms behind’ judge tells tourist; orders her to pay court cost

A tourist with a bullet in her bag stayed in Cayman three days and three nights longer than she had planned after being stopped at the airport. Ultimately, the magistrate explained that if a visitor is a responsible, productive individual with no previous convictions, then the court can decide not to record a conviction and can discharge them absolutely.

Magistrate advises not using ‘gun bag’ for travel

A woman who expected to leave the island on Aug. 19 had her stay extended four days because of a bullet found in her hand luggage at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Tourist must pay ‘costs’ for bullet

A departing tourist was ordered to pay $800 in costs after a bullet was found in his luggage.

Bullet in purse costs tourist $1,000

A tourist was fined $1,000 for a bullet found in her purse as she was leaving the island.

Tourist brought bullet in carry-on bag

An American tourist who accidentally brought a bullet into the Cayman Islands in his luggage escaped a criminal conviction on Tuesday.

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