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Doctors Express to sue CBC over vape-products seizure

A legal battle between Doctors Express Urgent Care Ltd., and the Customs and Border Control is expected to begin in the Grand Court tomorrow (3 Nov.).

Doctors Express resumes sale of vaporised cannabis products

The Doctors Express medical clinic is once again stocking pharmaceutical-grade vaporisable medical cannabis almost a year after being ordered to stop prescribing and selling those products.

Lydia Warren leaves legacy of medical advocacy

The woman who inspired a movement to legalize medicinal cannabis in the Cayman Islands has died.

Doctors at seminar tout potential of medical cannabis

Cannabis has enormous potential to help treat a variety of conditions which currently have no cure, according to two experts in the field who gave an educational seminar to around 200 people at the Lions Centre on Wednesday night.
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Cannabis oil import permit approved

A Cayman Islands pharmacy says it has secured an import permit to bring cannabis oil to the territory for medicinal purposes.It is believed to be the first such permission to be granted since cannabis oil extracts and tinctures were legalized late last year.

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After vote legalizes medicinal cannabis oil, supply becomes the issue

A legislative vote Monday has cleared the way for cannabis oil to be prescribed in the Cayman Islands for cancer patients and other medical issues if the government can find a legal supplier. Lawmakers approved a key second reading of a bill that will amend the Misuse of Drugs Law to allow the substance, derived from the marijuana plant, to be prescribed by local doctors and carried by Cayman pharmacies.

Lawmakers pass bill to legalize medicinal cannabis oil

The legalization of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes was supported by all present Cayman Islands lawmakers Monday afternoon. “[This bill] is going to give [patients] hope to be able to cope,” said Education Minister Tara Rivers. “That…is a very powerful drug in itself.”

Bill to legalize cannabis oil introduced

Legislation that would legalize cannabis oil for medicinal purposes in the Cayman Islands was introduced Friday afternoon, but Legislative Assembly debate on the measure was held until Monday. Premier Alden McLaughlin said he agreed to bring forward proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs Law.

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EDITORIAL – Cannabis oil – or political snake oil?

Premier Alden McLaughlin (who is an attorney) outlined the case against moving forward with the legalization of medical marijuana in the Cayman Islands. He then endorsed moving forward with the legalization of medical marijuana in the Cayman Islands.

Premier: Legalizing medical marijuana to move forward

Government has warned there are no guarantees that cannabis oil will be available to patients in the Cayman Islands – even after medical use is legalized.

New push for cannabis oil change

Pressure is growing for government to swiftly follow through on its commitment to make regulatory changes to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis oil for medical purposes.

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