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Topic: Cayman’s ARK – Acts of Random Kindness

Reuse centre could turn trash to treasure

Mark Nicoll is advocating for the creation of a ‘Reuse Centre’ which could accept and store discarded materials and divert them to charities.

Could tiny homes help resolve housing issues?

Purpose built ‘tiny homes’ could be part of the solution to finding shelter for families in crisis, charity Acts of Random Kindness believes.

Tiny home project built on community kindness

ARK’s first new-build project – a tiny home for the Trusty family in Frank Sound – will be a genuine product of community kindness.

Compass documentary: Spotlight on housing crisis

As part of our ongoing series on housing concerns in the Cayman Islands, the Compass has produced a mini-documentary featuring families living in difficult conditions on the margins of society.

Spotlight on Cayman’s hidden housing crisis

Out of sight and, in many cases, out of mind on the winding back streets of Grand Cayman, many families are living in crisis.

Ivan’s ghost still haunts Cayman homes

Almost two decades after the Category 4 hurricane, Ivan’s ghost still haunts homes across Cayman.

Editorial: Compass series investigates Cayman’s housing problems

Over the next six weeks, the Cayman Compass will be taking a detailed look at the complex, multi-faceted problems surrounding the most basic need of everyone who calls these islands home.

Family living in limbo amid land dispute

A complex history of land ownership may see an unemployed mother and her family forced to vacate the land that their home - a converted mobile classroom - occupies.

Auction raises US$48,000 for Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness

Provenance Properties recently raised more than US$48,000 for Cayman's Acts of Random Kindness charity in an online auction.

Irish Jog to benefit Random Acts of Kindness

The annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Irish Jog at the Britannia Golf Club will raise money for Cayman’s ARK – Acts of Random Kindness – this year.

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