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EDITORIAL – New Year’s Eve music ban must be overturned

Unless Cayman Islands officials act swiftly, this New Year’s Eve won’t just end on a sour note — it will end with no notes at all, thanks to government’s negligence and an archaic law that prohibits public music or dancing on Sundays.

Letter: No New Year’s Eve music or dancing? Live with it

I am one musician who is more than happy to stay home on New Year’s Eve, and I’m very delighted that some old traditions still hold strong in these islands.

Government is duty-bound to explain its decisions

Public authorities must give reasons even without being requested. Good governance requires this.

Government help

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EDITORIAL – Owen Roberts remodel: Giving a new ‘wing’ to Cayman air travel

Cayman’s air travelers have received an early Christmas present with the opening of Owen Roberts International Airport’s new check-in area.

EDITORIAL – Tired of waiting for government? Take the initiative …

We have an abundance of tools, resources, expertise and willingness to take on Cayman’s tough problems. We just have to stop “waiting” and start acting.

EDITORIAL – Pension ‘exodus’: Bad idea, worse execution

We imagine that Moses’ leading the Israelites out of Egypt was a more orderly affair than Cayman’s “pension exodus” – where hundreds of expatriate workers are packing their bags and leaving, so as to avoid being swept up in last year’s changes to the National Pensions Law.

EDITORIAL – Excellent teachers: The secret to excellent schools

Like a good businessperson, a good teacher desires only a couple of things: First, adequate resources. Second, for government officials to get out of their way, and allow them to flourish in their chosen vocation.

EDITORIAL – ‘Trash talk’ from our local legislators

“Cash-for-trash” has a certain ring to it but, frankly, we don’t think it adds up to wise public policy.

LETTER: Do not give in to to EU’s ‘naked ambition’

Premier Alden McLaughlin, Minister Roy McTaggart and Mr. Saunders deserve to be commended for standing up for Cayman’s financial services industry

EDITORIAL – Two Compass stories that readers may find difficult to believe

Sometimes even we have difficulty believing some of the stories we print in this newspaper (no wisecracks, please; we’ve already heard all those jokes). Two prime examples appeared last week:

EDITORIAL – ‘Paradise Papers’: Paging ‘Dr. Phil’

As the Cayman Islands financial sector faces a perhaps existential threat from European regulators, left-leaning politicians, and increasingly irresponsible journalists, our country’s response has been underwhelming, if not blasé.

Short payday

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EDITORIAL – Rejecting ‘prejudice’: The day our premier spoke for all of Cayman

Are some individuals in Cayman “better off” than others? Of course. Is almost everyone in Cayman – to a man, woman and child – “better off” now than they would have been in Cayman’s economy of 60 years ago? Also of course.

EDITORIAL – Speech in the Assembly: Curbing bullying, bluster and ‘blah, blah, blah’

When he called for restraining defamatory, irrelevant and erroneous speech uttered on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush was 100 percent correct – in half of what he said.

EDITORIAL – Medical cannabis: Sober reflection on drug law

Our country seems to be of two (or more) conflicting minds about ganja, and whether its use should be tolerated, discouraged or punishable by prison.

EDITORIAL – Immigration: Government’s third largest revenue source

The bottom line is, government has no business treating the “immigration business” as a cash cow for the public coffers.

EDITORIAL – The ‘Bermuda Papers’? Journalism, hacking or financial voyeurism

In anticipation of the sound and the fury that will no doubt define international news coverage of a data breach at Appleby law firm, here are a few of our thoughts on the matter of “leaks,” “hacks” and offshore exposes under the guise of investigative journalism.

Low moral fiber

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EDITORIAL – ‘Political advocacy’: Cayman takes its case to Washington

Cayman Islands officials acted wisely when they hired Baker Botts law firm partner Jeff Munk to represent our country’s interests in Washington, D.C.

EDITORIAL – ‘I’m pickin’ up good vibrations’: Ah, there’s the rub

The primary issue is the assumption that government should police personal morality – a dangerous notion, at best.

Letter: What about the eastern districts?

If this is a government of national unity, then make sure you use that “unite” part to help the East.

EDITORIAL – A fresh start possible for Immigration

The new immigration chief must have the expertise, talent and drive to drag the immigration department out of its current difficulties and shape it into the efficient and effective government service that Cayman expects and deserves.
Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands' most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.

EDITORIAL – Freedom of Information a poor substitute for free flow of information

Government service is different from private sector employment. It is not work done for profit, product or pure self-interest. It is work undertaken on the people’s behalf, using the people’s money, to preserve society’s common interests.

EDITORIAL – An ideal leader for Cayman’s Education Council

Education leaders merit “honor roll” recognition for their inspired selection of Ernst & Young’s Dan Scott as chairman of the Cayman Islands government’s Education Council.

Debt Recovery Unit

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EDITORIAL – ‘Barkers rangers’: Pruning back big government

Barkers’ infamous “park rangers” have become “lone rangers” — striking out on their own to form a private landscaping business. In so doing, they’ve made a small stand against government growth and scored a victory for free enterprise.

Advisory Council

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EDITORIAL – The DVDL: A department that failed ‘its inspection’

If Mr. Dixon needs more resources — people, money or whatever — let him make his case to the sharp-penciled “budgeteers” in central government. What he cannot do is simply ignore the mess in the department he oversees.

LETTER – Liquor board erred in licensing gas stations

Irrespective of the very important issue of what the law says concerning Sunday sales of alcohol, I still maintain that two separate cabinet orders currently exist and that the Liquor Licensing Board was wrong to grant liquor licenses to gas stations in the first place.

EDITORIAL – Immigration consternation

A complete “rethink,” and likely revamp, of the entire immigration apparatus is in order — from management and staffing to policies and processes. “Musical chairs” at the board level is not nearly enough.

Where’s my check?

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LETTER – Human Rights Commission: Our efforts to help Cuban migrants

Ordinarily I would not trouble to respond to inaccurate stories in the press; however, on this occasion you have unfairly maligned the staff of the Commissions Secretariat and undermined the work of the Commission. The record should be set straight.

EDITORIAL – Liquor Licensing Board: Unfinished business after Mr. DaCosta’s departure

The departure of acting chairman Woody DaCosta from Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board was inevitable, considering the drama of mismatched minutes and conflicting statements that has been playing out in the public spotlight for the past several weeks.

LETTER – Human Rights Commission: Our efforts to help Cuban migrants

Ordinarily I would not trouble to respond to inaccurate stories in the press; however, on this occasion you have unfairly maligned the staff of the Commissions Secretariat and undermined the work of the Commission. The record should be set straight.

EDITORIAL – Conservation Law: Revisiting an ‘unnatural disaster’

The salient question in our minds is whether lawmakers should overhaul the existing law … or scrap it completely and start over.

Premier is correct: sections 41 and 43 of National Conservation Law are ridiculous

The provisions of sections 41 and 43, in my opinion, do not meet the test, mandated by the Constitution, of a reasonable balance between protecting the environment and development for the benefit of the Islands.

EDITORIAL – New Ombudsman: ‘Smart,’ ‘tough,’ and facing a challenge

Ms. Hermiston can expect to face some resistance from entrenched interests, politicians, regulators and civil servants who may be perfectly content with “business as usual.”

Letter: Think before approving changes to our shoreline

Let us work together — building wisely for the future, as our forefathers built up Cayman — from the Islands Time Forgot to the financial leaders of the world.

Old news

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Fire services review

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Public sector growth

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EDITORIAL – Liquor Board needs to come clean on mismatched minutes

The draft minutes appear to have been either edited or altered to “rewrite” the narrative of what actually took place at the March meeting. The changes are so extensive that we can draw no conclusion other than they were purposeful.

EDITORIAL – Work Permits: Pick your category, pick your price

The absurdities might be comical if they did not engender such serious consequences. Consider the costs to companies to comply with the system, or the costs to taxpayers as government attempts to administer and enforce it.

EDITORIAL-Auditor General: A watchdog that could use more ‘bite’

Auditors do not win popularity contests. And yet, we must confess we are inordinately fond of auditors and, in particular, Auditors General such as Ms. Winspear, who do, if not God’s work, certainly ours, meaning the people of the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL – What should Cayman do about Jackson Point?

We don’t know (but rest assured, we are looking into) the magnitude of the disaster that could have occurred if firefighters had not been able to control Sunday’s blaze.

EDITORIAL — Testing our commitment to quality education

Recently released testing results from the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre are troubling enough for us to sound an alarm that should alert –...

EDITORIAL: The power of Cayman and Brexit: Who knew?

There is much about the Cayman Islands we consider “world-class” – our beautiful beaches, peerless hospitality, our many contributions to the global economy …...

NEW: Ministry assignments announced

The new ministerial assignments have been announced.

Gov’t to report budget figures every 3 months

The Cayman Islands government will begin publicly reporting how much money it earns and how much it spends every three months, beginning in January 2018.

EDITORIAL – The ins and outs of government’s cash flow

Several recent news stories have suggested that government is shifting its tactics toward people who owe it money. Good. Not only are the receivables overdue, so is the need for policy change.

EDITORIAL – Cayman education: Divided schools lead to divergent futures

Quality education is the only ticket out of poverty for far too many. It is the passport not only to well-paying jobs but, even more importantly, to a rich, fulfilling life.

EDITORIAL – Civil service: Judges are not HR managers

The threshold for dismissal of an employee is not equivalent to criminal charges, convictions or prison terms; rather, it is an independent standard set by the individual employer that, in general, can be described as “acceptable professional behavior.”

Job interview

Administrative leave

Officials: Cayman Airways provides value for money

Cayman Airways will continue to need significant funding from government as long as it is required to serve unprofitable but strategically valuable routes like New York and Dallas, the airline’s CEO Fabian Whorms said last week.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s new anti-corruption ‘Dream Team’

On occasion a government announcement hits our inboxes carrying a certainty that, in this case, this group of individuals will have a significant impact on the workings of the public sector.

Gov’t to end ‘paper shuffle’ by 2019

By the time non-Caymanian residents who stay in the islands at least eight years have applied for permanent residence, territorial citizenship and Caymanian status, they will have given a copy of their passport to immigration or to police at least a dozen times, assuming they are successful in each step of the application process.

EDITORIAL – Dressing up our illegal beach vendors

As regular readers of this editorial column are aware, we don’t normally advocate for the nationalization of a private sector industry. But hear us out …

EDITORIAL – Bad vibrations for Cayman’s beach boys

The Cayman Islands government has drawn several lines in the sand on the subject of unlicensed beach vendors. Political tides, it appears, keep washing those lines away.

EDITORIAL – Government’s growth explosion

Our country faces a number of problems with “out-of-control populations”: in the sea – lionfish; in the trees – green iguanas; on the streets – roaming dogs; and within the halls of the Cayman Islands government – public servants.

EDITORIAL – Britain’s emissaries to Cayman

Over the decades, the people who have filled the “top executive” position in the Cayman Islands have left indelible marks on the fabric of the country.

EDITORIAL – The ideal Ombudsman for the people

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint with or about the Cayman Islands government, the primary question is: Who do you call?

Mothballed John Gray school construction project to resume

Building contractor McAlpine has been hired to complete the sports hall at the new John Gray High School site as government prepares to resume the mothballed construction project.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: Another report … another editorial

We don’t want another report. We want a new landfill.

Glass House decision set for early July

Cabinet is likely to decide the future of the Glass House early next month, choosing among several options that involve either demolishing the structure or redeveloping it with a private company.

EDITORIAL – Firefighters’ three-alarm mold emergency

People who become professional firefighters expect to encounter certain occupational hazards. Mold, however, isn’t one of them.

Budget will hamper monitoring offenders

A marginal spending increase for the Cayman Islands government department that monitors paroled criminal offenders will not allow the agency to implement the Conditional Release Law in the way it “would have liked to,” Premier Alden Mclaughlin said last week.

‘Hollywood’ civil service gets more staff

The Cayman Islands civil service will have fewer “actors” but will likely gain additional employees as job vacancies are filled in the coming months, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson told the Legislative Assembly last week.

Cayman Finance, government sign new agreement

Cayman Finance has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Cayman Islands government “to enhance the already close working relationship that Cayman’s financial services industry has with government,” Cayman Finance said in a statement.

Lawmakers’ pensions need $1.76M a year

It has been recommended that government pay about $35 million over the next 20 years to cover a severely underfunded retirement plan for Cayman Islands lawmakers, according to records obtained by the Cayman Compass.

Budget: $35M pays off debt, losses

About one-third of the Cayman Islands government’s capital projects budget will go toward paying off debt and covering operating losses of statutory authorities and government-owned companies, as well as partly funding a major upgrade to the Owen Roberts International Airport.

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