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Iguana cullers reminded to renew firearms licences

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Security and Firearms Licensing Unit is reminding the public that the special firearms licences issued to cullers registered with the 2018-2019 green iguana cull project have expired and need to be renewed.

Trespass concerns remain as iguana cull begins

Those behind the 2020 green iguana cull say they will be going into communities to seek permission from homeowners to help reduce complaints of trespass.

1 million green iguanas culled

The green iguana culling mission hit a landmark on Thursday when the one millionth of the invasive species was deposited at the George Town landfill.

Green iguana culling figures

Cullers have taken a total of 973,316 green iguanas to the George Town landfill for disposal since the cull began in October last year.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s cullers have invasive iguanas at bay

Two-and-a-half weeks into Grand Cayman’s “great green iguana cull,” local hunters had bagged 111,732 of the invasive reptiles, according to figures from the Department of Environment. That’s an impressive start toward the year-long target of 1 million iguanas.

Color blind

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Nice car

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EDITORIAL – To Grand Cayman’s green iguana cullers: Happy (and safe) hunting

With the project set to begin officially on Monday at 8 a.m. sharp, it seems that officials have done their best to get all their administrative ducks in a row. Next up: One million green iguanas.

Sargassum iguanas

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Birth control

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Iguana reward

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Iguana Patton

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Iguana hunters

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Iguana eradication

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St. Patrick’s Day

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Power line bet

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Budget targets crime, education

Plans for an influx of 75 new police officers, a $9.6 million cash injection for education and funding for a series of major infrastructure projects were among the key commitments announced in the Cayman Islands government’s budget presentation Friday.

What color?

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Iguana culling

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Blue Iguanas

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Exotic species

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Lizard lotto not going as planned

Lizard lotto not going as planned — Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Few winners in Cayman’s ‘Lizard Lotto’

The Cayman Islands government’s big idea – to supplement professional green iguana cullers with a volunteer "lizard lotto" – turned out to be a bad idea.

Contract hunters registered for iguana cull

The Department of Environment has begun registering contract hunters for a four-month islandwide cull of green iguanas.

Iguana cull to start in May

A cull manager will be recruited on a short-term contract to take charge of a four-month blitz on Cayman’s invasive green iguanas, starting in May. The project involves contract cullers who will be paid $2-a-head, and more casual community participants, who will be paid in raffle tickets.

Iguana population doubles to 400,000 in a year

The scale of Cayman’s green iguana problem is now so large it will require a significant investment of time and money just to maintain the population at current levels, environment officials have warned. The latest population survey shows that the number of iguanas has almost doubled in the past year.
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Iguanas with taped limbs spark cruelty concerns

Reports of green iguanas with their limbs tied up with electrical tape and left to die are raising concerns in Grand Cayman. One iguana was found with its limbs tied and its mouth taped. Another was left with its arms fastened behind its back by the road side in West Bay.

Business targets green iguanas for export

A Cayman Islands business is processing iguanas for sale to local restaurants and seeking an export license to sell the food as a delicacy to clients in the United States.

Kentucky Fried Iguana

Kentucky Fried Iguana — Our editorial cartoon

Brac examines green iguana invasion

A meeting held on the Brac this week on the green iguana problem gave residents the opportunity to learn more about the status of the invasive reptiles on their island. The meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, at the Aston Rutty Centre was organized by the Department of Environment.

The strategy

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The peace offer

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s great iguana glut

Don’t blame Fred Burton. He’s a good guy bearing really bad news.

Report reveals staggering scale of iguana problem

Contract hunters would need to cull nearly 200,000 green iguanas per year at an estimated cost of more than $1 million to make an impact on the exponentially increasing population of the invasive species.

EDITORIAL – Let’s keep our pests in proper perspective

Oy, and you think Cayman has problems? We’re referring, of course, to our overabundance of green iguanas, ubiquitous lionfish, and those damned female mosquitoes.

Taste trials take iguana from tree to plate

Tukka bar and restaurant on the oceanside in East End has garnered a reputation as a place where people go to try new things – kangaroo filet mignon, an ostrich steak, a lionfish taco.

Stopping iguanas before they hatch

If you know where an iguana has laid eggs, you can stop their growth before they even hatch.

Invasive green iguanas could be targeted for food

Putting green iguanas on restaurant menus could be part of the long-term strategy for controlling the exploding population of the invasive species, according to chefs and environment officials.

EDITORIAL – Iguana hunters battle Cayman’s ‘green horde’

The green iguana is rapidly becoming the most successful land-dwelling species in the history of the Cayman Islands. (Emphasis on the word “rapidly.”)

Cayman Kind

Little Cayman’s battle against green iguanas making progress

Multiple successes are being racked up in Little Cayman by Green Iguana B’Gonna.

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