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Cayman’s current approach to combating mosquitoes consists of aerial spraying by the MRCU plane, above, fogging from trucks, and the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, among other measures.

Mosquito numbers rise with full moon

The Mosquito Research and Control unit has ramped up aerial spraying throughout parts of West Bay to tackle an increase of mosquito larvae numbers within the mangrove swamps.

Two new cases of dengue reported

Two new cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in the Cayman Islands, bringing the total number of locally transmitted cases to four.

MRCU to work on dengue mosquito eradication strategy

A new comprehensive strategy to eradicate Cayman’s Aedes aegypti mosquito population, which transmits dengue and chikungunya, is expected to launch next year, according to the head of the Mosquito Research and Control Unit.

Mosquito spraying, overheating theories in bat deaths

Environmental officers are investigating a mysterious spate of bat deaths between Prospect and Rum Point this summer.

US bound travellers warned of deadly mosquito virus

People travelling to parts of America’s east coast are being asked to be mindful of a mosquito-borne illness called eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE.

Concerns rise over island-wide mosquito ‘infestation’

Mosquito Research and Control Unit director Jim McNelly acknowledged that the Cayman Islands was facing a “bad infestation” of swamp mosquitoes.

Minister: No more funds for genetically modified mosquito program

Cayman’s genetically modified mosquito project has not worked as effectively as government hoped and will be abandoned, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said Thursday.

Government working on mosquito eradication plan

The government’s new focus group for mosquito eradication will debate a variety of approaches, said Jim McNelly, the director of the Mosquito Research and Control Unit.

Mosquito spraying planned for coming weeks

The Mosquito Control and Research Unit will conduct aerial spraying over mosquito breeding swamps in the coming weeks in Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands.
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Premier: Opposition to GM mosquito release political grandstanding

Premier Alden McLaughlin, in a press statement Tuesday, criticized opponents of the genetically modified mosquito program, as the Public Health Department confirmed Cayman’s first local cases of Zika.

Judge explains mosquito project decision

When lawyers of opponents to the genetically modified mosquito project filed an application for a stay and judicial review on July 13 – a review that could have ended the project – Justice Ingrid Mangatal suddenly had more than 598 pages worth of evidence and documents to review.

US Congress plays games over Zika

When members of Congress visit their districts over the Memorial Day recess, we hope they keep in mind a warning from Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meeting on GM Mosquito release

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit and biotechnology company Oxitec are inviting the public to attend a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the planned release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in West Bay.

Public health officials monitor for yellow fever

Cayman’s Public Health Department is advising people traveling to countries were yellow fever is endemic to take precautions and get vaccinated.

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