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The People Time Forgot: Marshall Watler

Mr. Watler had eight children and one step-child. He had to work hard at many jobs to keep food on the table. As a young man, he sailed between Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands on a banana boat.

The People Time Forgot: Marl road news

In any small community, be it West Bay, North Side, East End or the Brac, a favorite pastime (especially during campaign season) is gossip, known in Cayman as “marl road news.”

People Time Forgot: Sarah Verona Watler

Sarah Verona Watler, known to her family as Aunt Rona, was married to Joseph Cranswick Watson. She used to manage the first gas station in East End, which was jointly owned by her nephew Bertram Conolly and Allen Mclaughlin.

People time forgot: McArthur Manderson

In the late ‘60s up until the ‘70s, the Mashyiannes Band was without question one of the hottest bands around. Their lead guitarist was McArthur Manderson of West Bay.

People Time Forgot: Capt. Marvin Ebanks

People from around the globe made visits to Cayman just to experience snorkeling, fishing and a beach cookout with Captain Marvin and his crew on trips, which used to last all day.

People Time Forgot: David Livingston Whittaker

David Whittaker of North Side spent many years at sea traveling the globe.

People time forgot: Clemens ‘Leme’ Dilbert

The salt-crusted wrinkles that cut deep into the features of Clemens Dilbert were the signs of decades of sailing the seven seas.

The People Time Forgot: Sylvia Christian

Sylvia Christian was a seamstress, thatch maker and one heck of a good singer on the island of Cayman Brac.

People Time Forgot: Capt. Keith Tibbetts

Capt. Keith P. Tibbetts Sr. was appointed in 1947 to the Assembly of Justices and Vestry, which later became the Legislative Assembly.

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