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Business owners want to ditch rollover

Business owners would like to see a review of Cayman’s ‘rollover’ policy, requiring work permit holders to either leave the island or apply for permanent residency status after nine years.

$2.6M in unpaid PR fees owed to government

Just over 100 people have had their permanent residency status revoked for failing to pay PR fees, $2.6 million in uncollected fees still outstanding.

1,400 permanent residency applications approved in one year

After clearing a backlog of some 1,200 permanent residency applications about a year ago, government has continued to process hundreds more.
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Ombudsman orders document release

The ombudsman for the Cayman Islands government issued a ruling Thursday directing Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman to publish relevant decision-making documents in a case regarding a permanent residency inquiry.

Two more challenge denials of permanent residency

Two more people are challenging government’s decision to deny their permanent residency bids, arguing that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal unfairly discriminated against them in considering their applications.

Bill eases way for long-term residents to apply for PR

The Immigration Transition Bill seeks to remove a restriction that prevents residents who have been in the Cayman Islands for more than nine years from applying for permanent residence.

Another Jamaican challenging permanent residency denial

Jamaican national Rohan Anthony Seymour is challenging government’s decision to deny his bid for permanent residency, arguing that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal discriminated against his nationality when it considered his application.

Premier: More than 800 residency bids decided, with 400 to go

With about two-thirds of Cayman’s backlogged permanent residency applications decided, government records show about 65 percent of those bids have been approved since last June.

EDITORIAL – ‘The long goodbye’: Waide DaCosta’s ‘exit interview’

When Mr. DaCosta published his scathing critiques last week, he never addressed why during his tenure (which spanned four different government administrations), he never spoke up — or stepped down.

Government: No major delays from PR board change

Changes that introduced five new members, including a new chairman, to the immigration board that decides on grants of Caymanian status and permanent residence will not significantly delay any pending residency cases, senior government officials said Thursday.

Legal action leads to more permanent residency grants

Five more permanent residence applicants who challenged years-long delays in the processing of their cases have been granted the right to remain in Cayman for the rest of their life, according to their attorneys.

Residency delays may clear up by mid-2018

A backlog of more than 1,100 permanent residence applications – some of which have been in limbo for three or four years – could be cleared by mid-2018 if immigration officials continue the pace they set in August for hearing those applications.

PR applications reviews

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Two more permanent residency challenges filed in July

A teacher and a commodities trader are the latest permanent residence-seekers to challenge government’s delays in hearing their applications to remain in the territory for the rest of their lives. Applications for judicial review were filed last month on behalf of Samantha Shields and Justin Colgan.

CaymanMan: New Job

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PR hires

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EDITORIAL: PR backlog: The line is getting longer!

This isn’t working, and unless major changes are made, it can never work.

Some PR applicants delay litigation

Although six people have sought a court’s review to date, several other permanent residence applicants have delayed decisions to sue the government over its failure to hear their applications in a timely manner. One firm representing a number of applicants seeking the right to remain in Cayman for the rest of their life said many of its clients are taking a “wait and see” approach.

Sixth residency challenge filed

Another court challenge has been filed over a permanent residency application, this time in a relatively recent matter. Oliver Sinton is seeking judicial review over the failure of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board and the chief immigration officer to hear his March 4, 2016 residence application.

Premier: No ‘mass grants’ of permanent residency

Just one out of the 10 permanent residence applications considered by the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board Thursday received approval, according to government officials.

EDITORIAL – The empty executive suite at Immigration

Premier Alden McLaughlin appears to be following through on his commitment to “sort out immigration,” and we applaud him for addressing it at the outset of his second term as premier of these islands. Our economic health depends on fixing this interminably broken system.

Residency hearings to start next week

A government-appointed board will begin considering a backlog of between 900 and 1,000 permanent residence applications sometime next week, according to the Ministry of Immigration. Applicants may be contacted by the Immigration Department as early as next week if further details are needed to process their cases, ministry officials said.

EDITORIAL – PR delays: Are the courts the only solution?

"Soon come" has come and gone for the roughly 1,000 people with pending applications for Cayman Islands permanent residency.

New immigration regulations seek to clarify residence applications

All pending applicants for permanent residence in Cayman – of which there are now more than 900 – will receive the maximum 15 points awarded for their current job, regardless of what job they hold.

Work permit numbers stabilize at about 24,000

The number of foreign workers on work permits in the Cayman Islands leveled off during the latter part of 2016, with just less than 24,000 non-Caymanians employed here as of early December.

Good Light

Good Light — Today's editorial cartoon

2 Honduran kids who faced deportation can remain in Cayman

Two children who faced deportation to Honduras in August, possibly being sent back by themselves into an abusive situation, have been allowed to remain in Cayman at least until they reach adulthood, the Immigration Appeals Tribunal has ruled.

Government collects $9.5 million per year in PR fees

The Cayman Islands Immigration Department collected an estimated $67.2 million in permanent residency fees between mid-2009 and last month, with fee collections averaging about $9.5 million per year from those who legally maintained that immigration status. The current unpaid residency fees – about $2.7 million – represents less than five percent of the fees paid to government over the past seven years.

Unpaid PR fees reach over $4 million

Government is owed more than $4 million in unpaid permanent residency fees, some dating back seven years, according to data from a citizens’ freedom of information request.

Immigration scam case: Former press secretary to McKeeva testifies

Charles Glidden, former press secretary to the premier from 2010 to 2013, gave evidence last week in the trial of Paul Anthony Hume Ebanks, who is accused of collecting $164,700 largely by falsely representing that cash was required as payment for a legitimate grant of Caymanian status or permanent residency.

EDITORIAL – ‘Relentless’!

Although it is unlikely Premier McLaughlin intended for us to take it as a compliment, being labeled “relentless” is among the highest praise a newspaper could ever hope to receive. We’ve already got the T-shirts in production.

Witness says he gave money for status directly to Ebanks

A man who started working in Cayman in 1981 told a court Wednesday that he gave $1,500 to someone introduced to him as Paul Bodden for the purpose of obtaining status. Paul Williams was giving evidence in the trial of Paul Anthony Hume Ebanks, who has pleaded not guilty to obtaining property by deception – falsely representing that cash was required as payment for a legitimate grant of Caymanian status.

Travers joins Bush in call for more open immigration policy

Leading attorney and financial services advocate Anthony Travers took to the stage alongside former Premier McKeeva Bush at a Cayman Democratic Party rally Monday night to call for a more open immigration policy. Both Mr. Travers and Mr. Bush criticized government’s lack of action in dealing with hundreds of permanent residency applications and said the approach had to change.

Applicant wins residency appeal after it lay dormant for 7 years

An appeal of permanent resident status that lay dormant for more than seven years after it was initially rejected has finally been awarded to the applicant in the case, a former staffer of the Cayman Islands governor’s office.

Property perspective – Statistical review: Property prices are up, inventory is down

Regular readers of my monthly updates will know that we like to periodically take an overview of the statistics produced by CIREBA, the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, the entity charged with overseeing Cayman’s real estate industry. These statistics, especially when viewed within a historical context, always make for interesting reading and point to current market trends.

EDITORIAL – Whither Cayman: Globalism or populism?

The world has never been more prosperous. And yet, dissatisfaction with economic and social inequalities in a fast-changing global economy are engendering increasing division and social disruption throughout the world.

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