Residents want dump site cleaned

Residents in Spotts-Newlands are demanding that a hurricane refuse dump be completely cleaned.

That’s the consensus of a meeting of residents Friday night.

For most of the people living in the Spotts-Newlands area the post-Ivan recovery has been more of nightmare than the norm.

The problem is post-Ivan bulk waste near their backyards. This coupled with the troubles that accompany a dump site – rodents, bugs, the smell, and at least four major fires that the Fire Department has had to respond to – has made the situation untenable.

For the past three months residents have talked to authorities to get the dumping stopped. This past Friday the situation came to a head and residents blocked the entrance to the bulk waste site.

Later that evening most of the community came together in a meeting. The conclusion is that nothing short of a total clean-up will do.

A fire Sunday at the site has stiffened the residents’ resolve.

‘We are finished talking. We want the site to be totally cleaned up. What people don’t understand is we have tried talking to everyone – Mr. Orett Conner, [Recovery Manager] and the Department of Environment — in an effort to seek some relief,’ Spotts-Newlands resident Annie K. McLaughlin told the Caymanian Compass.

‘This situation is unbearable and everyone knows of the problem. Mr. Connor sent someone out to power-wash my house because of the dust the mulching has caused. So, he is aware that there is a problem,’ she reported.

Della Ebanks said the site is no longer just an MC Restoration bulk waste site and worries about the long term effects of having such a site in their area.

‘This has now become a public dump. Everyone with a truck is coming here to dump their garbage. Then the hurricane season is just five months away and with all this debris what will happen to us if we get another hurricane?’ Ms Ebanks said.

‘Already the Department of Environment has stopped the landowners of the bulk waste site from dumping the debris in the lake and when we have a fire we have to stay home to ensure that our homes are safe,’ she said.

She also noted that having a bulk waste site does not bode well for property values.

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