CCMI recruitment campaign begins

The Cayman Islands Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s has begun recruiting and preparing for its sixth year of marine conservation and marine biology activities in Little Cayman for Caymanian High School students.

The program will run from 15-20 July.

CCMI’s vision, to build a facility that will enhance the standing of Cayman in environmental and academic circles and that provides a significant resource locally and regionally, has become a reality. Cayman is now positioned to be at the forefront of tropical research and education, states a press release. The students of 2005 Summer Sea Camp will be housed in the new Caymanian style, environmentally conscience, state of the art marine facility: The Little Cayman Research Centre.

With the new facility opening the doors 1 June 1, the non-profit organization was able to nearly halve the cost of this programme for Cayman students this year so that more students can afford to participate.

This phase of development includes the completion of the Field Station Pavilion and Kitchen Pavilion. This provides room for students to be housed and for them to have a library, classroom, and labs. The organization will unfortunately not complete the Wet Lab Pavilion yet because of funding needs. Last September they suspended all fundraising activities in light of the major devastating impact and other needs for the community.

The youths will SCUBA dive, snorkel and have fun exploring the island’s tropical habitats, as well as have discussions with scientists and earn specialized CCMI marine conservation certificates by completing academic activities. Peter Hillenbrand, CCMI Chairman, states ‘These youths are the future leaders, representatives, and policy makers for the Cayman Islands. The summer sea camp empowers them with the knowledge and teaches them the value of sustaining the magnificent environment of Cayman. Thanks to donors the students worked alongside scientists to analyze and explore the marine environment thereby improving problem solving skills and critical thinking.’ The CCMI Summer Sea Camp activities integrate the fun of science into learning experiences that works to develop long-term, positive attitudes about marine conservation because the future of the coral reefs on many Caribbean Islands will ultimately depend on the attitude of the youth of the Islands and their knowledge of current issues and trends in the management of these ecosystems.

‘We are planning to complete registration early this year and I encourage all parents and students to contact me directly so that I can assist and answer any questions about this fantastic Cayman youth program. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to be involved with the youth of Cayman through this program and I am looking forward to our program at the new facility this year. Students enrolled in last years program came from all of the different schools of the Cayman Islands which was especially rewarding. ‘ Christine Russell, Program Coordinator, CCMI. Registration will end 15 February.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved or learn more about CCMI’s educational programs or Little Cayman Research Centre please contact Chrissy Russell at 926-2789 or [email protected] or visit our website at

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