Cadet Corps seeks volunteers

The Cadet Corps is still going strong despite the Category 5 storm that devastated Grand Cayman in September.

The organisation has started to take in new recruits.

The Cadet Corps is also one of those organisations that helped with the recovery.

Immediately following the storm Cadet Corps officers assisted the Royal Cayman Islands Police to secure businesses. The cadets distributed supplies of water and food in the districts and helped with the cleanup.

Cadet Corps Commandant Phillip Hyre said, ‘We cleaned up around the hospital, which was a mess. We also cleared debris by the round-about by the Lions Centre and the Red Cross building.’

‘There were incidences where people who did not have any drinking water and when they saw us they said ‘thank God’,’ he said.

‘I would like to thank our volunteers who have been there for us. At times they even had to use their own resources such as vehicles and money to assist us,’ he said.

The officers and cadets did all this while also suffering a major loss. The building they occupied had to be written off, which meant new offices had to be found.

Mr. Hyre and crew had to move twice. The first move was to the First Assembly Church of God.

The Cadet Corps office is now at the Anglican Church off Eastern Avenue and training is conducted at George Hicks School on Saturday between 9am to 1pm.

Cadet Corps mission

The Cadet Corps is a youth development organisation that caters to boys and girls ages eight to 17. It serves to instil dress discipline, attention to detail and provides the basis of teamwork.

The Corps was formally established in 2003 under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education.

The organisation is being run by 10 commissioned officers and 15 volunteer instructors. There are 40 registered cadet but 28 are consistent.

Mr. Hyre said he is also looking for more volunteer instructors.

‘We are looking for anyone with a military background to help us,’ he said.

Lieutenant Dave Thompson, who is in charge of the new recruits, wanted to ensure parents are aware the Corps, is not for troubled kids.

‘We are not set up for troubled kids. We are here to expose kids to a better way of life through discipline and make them into well-rounded individuals,’ Mr. Thompson said.

‘We teach them to focus and how to prioritize,’ he said.

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