Emergency kits presented to Sister Islands

Emergency officers in the Sister Islands recently received four Lifepack First Responders Emergency Kits.

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Minister for Planning, Communications, District Administration and Information Technology, presented the kits to the Cayman Brac Police, Cayman Brac Fire Service and Little Cayman Emergency Services.

The portable kits are fitted with all the necessary equipment needed when responding to any emergency prior to the arrival of medical personnel.

‘Having these kits on hand will allow officers to quickly respond to first aid situations wherever they might occur,’ said Ms O’Connor-Connolly. ‘Police and fire officers are often the first ones to arrive at the scene of an emergency who have first aid training and these kits will give them the backup they require.’

Purchase of the kits was prompted by the Lions and Rotary Clubs of Cayman Brac in an effort to ensure the safety of the community. The kits have been placed in two police cars, with Cayman Brac Fire Rescue and Little Cayman Emergency Services.

‘Now all residents and visitors can feel even safer in the event of an emergency,’ said Ms O’Connor-Connolly.

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