Youngsters have fun at Eco-Art Party

Youngsters went wild with paints and recyclable materials in front of the National Gallery Friday.

The Gallery, along with the Department of Environment, staged the Eco-Art Party event to go along with Cayfest.

According to Gallery facilitator Nicola McCoy, the emphasis was to reuse, reduce and recycle by using material from things that were found or recycled.

Youngsters from as little as two years old created designs from chipped paper, foam, cardboard tubes sea fans, twigs and old clothes.

One youngster, Marcus Galvin, just could not get enough of this Eco party. He decided that most things need a good coat of paint, even a dab to his friend Charlotte Salisbury cheek.

With dripping paint brush in hand, young Marcus circled the group giving each creation a touch of his own design.

Also helping out in this fun day along with Natural Gallery volunteers was popular artist Dennis Hew.

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