Honour the Earth Sunday

World Environment Day is a UN initiative to stimulate awareness of the natural world around us and encourage people to be environmentally active.

Sunday is World Environment Day, and we have a few suggestions for activities that can keep you involved in our environment:

Join the National Trust – The national Trust offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in both their Environmental and Historic Programmes. Check their Website (www.nationaltrust.org.ky) for an idea of ways you could become involved with this vibrant and active community.

Volunteer for turtle tending – Every summer, Caribbean sea turtles migrate thousands of kilometers to nest in the Cayman Islands. Our nesting population may once have been the largest in the Caribbean – but today, only a handful of turtles are found nesting on Cayman beaches.

The public can help the DOE learn more about, and protect, Cayman’s endangered sea turtle population. To learn how, contact the Department of Environment at 9498469 and check out www.seaturtle.org/tracking

Take a mangrove boat tour – The National Trust had one of their regular Mangrove Boat Tours on 28 May, the weekend before World Environment Day.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is regarding replanting mangroves, come along on one of these informative cruises to learn why mangrove wetlands are so vital to Cayman’s future. Cruises are scheduled monthly so call the National Trust (949-0121) and book a seat.

Plant your own tree – Everyone recognizes the importance of returning greenery to our lives. After Ivan, most of Cayman needs a bit of a touch-up with green leaves, not just green paint. So, plant a tree in your garden or business’s yard this World Environment Day and green up our home.

Get back out there – This would be a good weekend for you and your group to revisit your Earth Day activity.

If you cleaned up a beach or planted a tree, go back and re-clear any new garbage and check that your tree is growing well.

We all did a lot of good work this Earth Week; let’s make sure that it isn’t lost. World Environment Day’s slogan this year is: ‘Plan for the Planet’. Let’s all plan to get back out on Sunday to keep protecting Cayman’s future.

John Bothwell,
Research Officer,
Department of Environment

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