Two arrested in burglary spree

Acting Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon said last week’s arrest of two foreigners for a major series of burglaries indicated significant progress in the fight against crime.

However, he said, Cayman’s rapidly changing social environment had complicated the fight.

He said last week’s flurry of 22 burglaries in the space of 24 hours had been surprising, but that they had been stopped almost as quickly as they occurred.

‘A lot of these burglaries were attributed to two individuals who the police have apprehended,’ he said.

Asked how two people could commit almost two dozen crimes in a single day, the acting commissioner said they were ‘foreign nationals’ that had made detailed plans before coming to Cayman.

‘If you arrived on the island with that objective in mind, you could accomplish that,’ he said.

Mr. Dixon declined to comment on the nationality of the people apprehended or their methods of operation, although he said investigators were concerned by possible links among the pair and other accomplices.

‘It’s not that the police are getting nothing done,’ he said. ‘The police have, in fact, been very successful. The suspects in the 22 burglaries were arrested the same day. Look at the guns we are getting off the street.

‘It’s just that the environment has changed. There are a lot of people that are new to the island and new to us and we are concerned about them.’

He said police were interested in many of the construction workers who had arrived in Cayman to aid the island’s rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.

As the work finished, many labourers found themselves unemployed, but unwilling to leave.

‘We are addressing that through the Immigration Department,’ Mr. Dixon said. ‘It’s really their ambit, but we’re working with them.’

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