Digicel sharpens corporate client focus

Digicel, the fastest growing mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, announced recently that it is adding BlackBerry, a leading wireless platform, to a growing portfolio of corporate services designed to support the Cayman Islands’ strong financial industry.

‘We have developed our Digicel Corporate offering by bundling several innovative services onto a single platform that is easy to manage for a growing number of business customers,’ JD Buckley, CEO of Digicel Cayman, said in a press release.

‘Since our launch in the Cayman Islands just over a year ago, we have continuously transformed the personal mobile telecommunications market, and we are bringing the same level of cutting edge technology to our corporate customers.’

The Digicel Corporate offering enables pre-paid and post-paid customers to access a suite of services including closed user groups, mobile web, worldwide international roaming, texting and Digicel’s signature per-second billing. Services exclusive to post-paid customers include rollover minutes which Digicel was first to offer in its markets. Additionally, Digicel has more than 200 roaming partners around the world, allowing clients to be easily accessible while on the move.

Market gains

Digicel Corporate has made significant gains in the market by winning major clients in tourism, banking, construction, distribution and retail with its unique Digicel Corporate Group closed user group service, where post and pre-paid customers can make free calls to the members of their group, the release states.

‘Digicel’s corporate services add value and enable us to communicate more often with our employees in the field so we can run our business more efficiently,’ said Frank Flowers, Managing Director of the Flowers Group of companies. ‘Communication is the lifeblood of our business. Our team feels confident knowing that we are always connected to handle any situation as it arises. We are also very impressed with the high level of personal service that we receive from the team at Digicel – they are always there when we need them.’

In addition, the new BlackBerry service will enable Digicel subscribers to easily access a wide range of vital communications functions including email, a calendar function and corporate data applications from a single, integrated device.

Corporate customers can also register for Digicel Corporate World, which offers calling packages that include calls to all mobile phones, calls to and from fixed lines and international calls to almost anywhere in the world at one low rate. The packages range from 3,000 to 10,000 minutes.

These enhanced service offerings are made even more attractive by the recent addition of data roaming capabilities. Post-paid customers are able to access services such as the Internet and WAP on their laptops or mobile phones while travelling in the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout the Digicel Caribbean, thereby staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Over the next few months, the data roaming service will continue to expand to other countries, networks and devices, the release said.

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