BT beautification team in action

A district beautification and parks committee meeting addressed several needs in the Bodden Town community last Thursday.

Held at the Savannah United Church hall, beautification chairperson Heather Bodden said, among other things, she was happy to report that the Savannah roundabout was ready to be landscaped and a shopping complex was on the way.

‘What we are going to do with that project is set poinsettia plants and flowerbeds to beautify the place.’

The design for the Savannah roundabout has been kindly provided by Mr. Dan Pestretto of Green Thumb Nursery.

Mr. Pestretto said he was approached by Ms Bodden and Ms Joan Steer to put the design together.

What he recommended was keeping in tune with the existing landscape, to add more colour, bring in top soil to level off the three traffic islands and clean up the surrounding area.

The group has also come up with new island theme designs for signs that highlight the district of Bodden Town and Savannah.

These will be made from Cayman wood, and placed along the roadside leading into the districts, announcing that the community of Savannah or Bodden Town welcomes you.

The Countryside shopping village was also addressed. This met with a lot of excitement from the people in attendance, said Ms Bodden.

‘That new development will soon start and we are working with the people to make sure that it fits in with our landscaping theme.’

When it was completed she said residents should have access to several convenient outlets such as a bank, cleaners, tape club, a grocery store and a few others.

‘They will be beautifying the area to flow with the Caymanian theme in the roundabout,’ she said.

The meeting also stressed the importance of committee members and their roles in finding out needs in the community, areas that need cleaning up such as churches, yards, schools monuments and beaches.

‘The work is continuing and a lot of exciting things are happening,’ said Ms Bodden.

‘We want this to continue, we do not want it to be a temporary thing. This is going to be a long-term project and we are encouraging people to come out and get involved in it.

We cannot stress enough that we want everybody to take care of their own yards. We believe if that happens. Bodden Town will soon look a lot better.’

This can only happen she said, if everyone pitches in and gives a helping hand.

Ms Bodden encourages residents to purchase proper trash cans. The committee is wiling to help in providing one to those who can’t afford it.

Ms Bodden said they were also trying to get service clubs on board to help with the major cleanup.

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