Fishing licences required

The Department of Environment and Marine Conservation Board are reminding the public that a fishing license is required for work permit holders who wish to fish from shore for consumption.

Any such person found in breach of this requirement is liable for prosecution.

Employers are encouraged to ensure that such employees are fully aware of the requirements of the Marine Conservation Law, and that the maximum penalty for breach of the law is CI$500,000.00 or 1 year in prison.

Applications for annual or monthly fishing licences can be obtained at the Department of Environment located in the Marco Giglioli Building, North Sound Road.

A license is not required for catch-and-release sport fishing such as Bone-fishing or Tarpon fishing.

The public is also reminded that there is an overall minimum size limit of eight inches for fish taken by any means from Cayman waters, except for those baitfish commonly known as species such as Sprat, Fry and Goggle-Eye.

For further information contact the Department of Environment at 949-8469.

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