Digicel makes a deal

Digicel World customers can call around the world for just 20 cents per minute.

The Digicel World packages replace the previous digiselect world packages, which were the first mobile calling packages in the Cayman Islands to include international calls in package minutes.

Digicel World packages also include international calls, but offer more minutes for the same monthly charges as the previous packages. The addition of more minutes results in a decreased effective package rate of 20 cents per minute, which applies to all calls made within package minutes whether local or international. All rates outside the bundle remain the same.

Additionally, Digicel is offering Rollover Minutes on all Digicel World plans. This allows customers to carry unused package minutes over from one month to the next.

Customers on digiselect World plans will automatically be migrated to the new higher minutes Digicel World plans for the same monthly subscription they have been paying.

In addition Digicel is introducing the new Digicel World 600 package including a higher number of package minutes than ever before, which customers can migrate to at the start of the next billing period.

‘Digicel is proud to be launching the new Digicel World calling packages which highlight our commitment to our customers. No other provider offers more international package minutes or a lower effective rate than Digicel. We are committed to providing competitive rates to our customers while also providing the best coverage and customer service,’ said JD Buckley, CEO of Digicel Cayman.

With prices starting at $45 for 225 minutes a month, Digicel World packages offer Cayman’s mobile phone users complete freedom to call who they want, wherever they want at anytime of day or night.

Digicel World packages include calls to all international destinations, except Antarctica; Ascension; Cook Islands; Cuba; Falkland Islands; Guinea Bissau; Honduras; Norfolk Islands; Saint Helena; Sao Tome & Principe; Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Other exceptions include calls for handset support (326-3663) and directory inquiries (411).

For more information on Digicel World packages, call Customer Care on 623-DIGI (3444), visit any Digicel store, or go to www.digicelcayman.com