Gov’t details goals

Details of the government’s broad goals in its Strategic Policy Statement were given in the Legislative Assembly on Monday.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts outlined the 11 goals and filled in their details.

Goal one – to deal with the aftermath and lessons from Hurricane Ivan: to complete the recovery and rebuilding of the islands, assist with housing needs, deal with property insurance issues and enhance disaster preparedness and mitigation readiness.

Goal two – to address crime and improve policing: to update legislation, adjust criminal penalties and improve enforcement. To increase the level of policing, establish a forensic service, transform the DTF into an effective coast guard and strengthen rehabilitative programmes.

Goal three – to improve education and training: to provide adequate classrooms, facilities and teacher resources for existing and projected school populations. To revise the curricula to ensure they cover core skills, to establish minimum achievement standards and encourage the pursuit of tertiary education and to promote vocational training and adult education.

Goal four – to rebuild the health services: to focus on disease prevention, ensure affordable health care to all and make the Health Services Authority clinically and financially sustainable.

Goal five – to address traffic congestion: to develop and implement a national transportation plan for Grand Cayman, curb the growth on motor vehicles, continue work on the east-west arterial highway and complete the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

Goal six – to embrace Cayman Brac and Little Cayman: to develop economic activity in the Sister Islands that reflects their unique character and benefits their residents and to establish programmes to reflect the needs of the Sister Islands.

Goal seven – to conserve the environment: to enact the Cayman Islands National Development Policy, implement sustainable environmental development standards, develop a national energy policy and promote environmental awareness and protection.

Goal eight – to strengthen family and community: to support the many roles of women, target young people, enhance the lives of the elderly, provide for people with special needs, respect religion, support sport and recreation and to preserve Cayman culture.

Goal nine – to support the economy: to enhance tourism and promote the financial services industry, support Cayman Airways, encourage small business development, establish a public utilities commission, improve immigration policy and administration and to develop the agricultural sector.

Goal 10 – to have open, transparent, honest and efficient public administration: to establish a culture of openness and honesty in government, implement personnel and public authority reform, to enact freedom of information legislation and to progress constitutional modernisation.

Goal 11 – to have sound fiscal management: to adhere to the principles of responsible financial management, introduce new funding sources for essential capital projects, manage government finances in a long-run context and to demand efficiency and effectiveness in all expenditure areas.