Students enjoy summer

For the George Town and John Gray high school students who attended the summer programme From Dry Land to Deep Sea, this has been a summer that will linger in their minds for years to come.

Last Wednesday, students who had 90 per cent participation along with good behaviour were rewarded with a helicopter ride. Before that, they have been on snorkelling trips, walked the Mastic Trail and toured the Botanic Gardens, said a GIS press release.

There were many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from the 47 students who were given an aerial tour of Seven Mile Beach.

‘I’ve never been up in a helicopter. It was an exciting and unique experience for me,’ said 13-year-old Sheynae Watson.

She said that she loved the rollercoaster feeling of the ride, which Jerome Begot, pilot and owner of Cayman Islands Helicopter, says all students beg for on each trip.

‘This was an enjoyable experience for me and the kids. I love children and if in some small way this trip can inspire one of them to be an astronaut, pilot or mechanical engineer that would be fantastic,’ he said.

Physical education teacher Jane Kelly was also a little awestruck by the ride.

‘It was amazing to see the fingers outline the drop-off sections in the ocean. The water was so beautiful with the many shades of blues and greens. I enjoyed the ride and I know the students did as well. It was a fitting end to the programme,’ she said.

Lynda Mitchell, coordinator of the programme, said the trip was incentive for good behaviour.

‘To minimise behaviour issues we had to come up with creative ways. But I have to say that the children were well behaved. I believe our students walked away with a renewed sense of respect for our environment because we utilised it as a teaching tool for this programme.’