Complaints outlined

A snapshot of the varied kind of workload being handled by the ombudsman’s office can be gained from a new report.

And, it says, if the volume of work continued at the current rate the office would exceed last year’s outputs by the end of the first quarter of this year.

In addition to the ongoing work being undertaken, in the month of July a further 25 complaints were registered, says the report issued by Complaints Commissioner John Epp.

Among the new complaints coming in during the month was one against the Office of Attorney General and Governor in Council.

To preserve confidentiality, detailed information is not given in the report but the complaint in question alleged failure on the part of the Attorney General to prosecute a spouse in regards to perjury.

It also alleged the Governor in Council failed to respond to correspondence and supply information requested.

The report says the complaint was closed as being outside of jurisdiction.

One complaint against the Immigration Department claimed that an enforcement officer placed a false or unfair note on the complainant’s file and had harassed him.

Another – against the Water Authority – alleged overcharge on a monthly bill and failure by the Authority to have a meter tested.

In both cases an investigation was commenced.

Another complaint was made against the Department of Employment Relations and alleged a failure by the department to establish a Labour Tribunal in Cayman Brac.

Investigation has also begun into an allegation against the Passport Office that an officer gave incorrect advice regarding documentation which resulted in the complainant being banned from travel to the United States.

Among the ongoing cases being handled was one brought by a retired civil servant regarding a potential unfair operation of the Pension Law.

‘Thirty persons have now registered complaints to further our investigation of the civil servant pension system,’ says the report.

Investigation was also progressing on a complaint against the Department of Education over an alleged failure to properly consider a company’s application to be qualified to submit a tender on a high school building project.