Public housing for Caymanians

Cayman’s affordable public homes were, as far as he was concerned, built for Caymanians, Minister Arden McLean said on Friday.

And, he told the Cabinet press briefing on Friday, he felt there should be no one in the homes except the people they were built for.

Mr. McLean was replying to a question which raised an allegation about some Cubans staying at the affordable housing on Eastern Avenue

He said there was an ongoing investigation taking place into matters. He could not say when those people might be asked to leave.

A recently reported incident at the National Housing and Community Development Trust (NHCDT) site had allegedly required police intervention to resolve.

Allegedly involved in the incident were former Housing Minister Frank McField, NHCDT manager Roger Bodden, Staunch Limited part owner Dag Egeberg and occupants of rented homes.

Minister Alden McLaughlin told the Friday briefing the government had been very careful how they had dealt with things and that there was a police investigation taking place.

He said that Mr. Bodden was presently on extended leave.

Mr. Egeberg – who had allegedly been arrested by immigration officers for working without a permit – had, police said on Friday, been bailed to return to the Immigration Department at a later date.