Today’s Editorial Aug.26:Work together for education

The media has been working together for the past couple of weeks taking reader and listener education concerns.

Our findings will be presented to the Minister of Education at a formal/informal dinner next Tuesday.

Working together has been a pleasure and we hope the media houses can work together on other national issues in the future.

And what a pleasant suggestion from the Ministry that people’s concerns about and issues with the education system be streamlined through us to it.

The dinner won’t be one in which Minister Alden McLaughlin delivers a long speech about how great education is in the Cayman Islands.

Instead, he’s going to listen to what we tell him.

The responses to each media house on the issue of education have been interesting.

The public sees a need for some type of vocational programme to offer a catch net for students who aren’t college bound.

There is a cry for teachers and parents to work together more closely and for Parent Teacher organizations to come up with some creative way to get more parents involved.

A suggestion was made to make schools the sites for after school programmes, including sports.

There’s concern about making sure Cayman culture is taught to our students and that nutrition is not only taught, but practiced at meal times.

Of course many readers and listeners were concerned about violence in the schools and in general.

Motivation of students is apparently an issue as is the need for some type of homework help line, not just for the students, but for parents, too.

These are all good ideas and we, as the media, will develop them more before making our presentation to Mr. McLaughlin.

But while these are good ideas, they aren’t enough.

There is a consensus among all of us in the media that we didn’t get much response from the listening, viewing and reading public.

So, we need more.

The Caymanian Compass encourages readers who want their issues about education in the Cayman Islands brought to the attention of the minister to let us know those issues. Email Tammie C. Chisholm at [email protected] or post a note to P.O. Box 1365 George Town. Suggestions can also be dropped off at our office in the Cayman Free Press complex on Shedden Road.

Radio Cayman will air another show about education issues next Tuesday during Talk Today, where listeners are urged to call in with comments and suggestions.

Many good things have happened in education in the country. But there is still much to be done.

Together we can make education in the Cayman Islands an example the world will be envious of.