Artists help Gallery expand continuing ed

This September the National Gallery is expanding its popular Continuing Education courses by inviting several well-known artists to join their team of instructors.

Newcomers include Chris Mann, head of Art at George Hicks High School, who will instruct in ceramics and acrylic painting, and Stephanie Van de Meulebroucke, art instructor at St. Ignatius school, who brings her expertise to two classes: life drawing (with a live model) and creative sculpture which explores clay, plaster, wire and found objects.

Digital and film photography will be lead by well known local photographer and 2005 McCoy Prize winner in the Fine Art Photography category, Art Pasquali.

Sarah Sessions, the Gallery’s longest running continuing education teacher, returns to instruct students in relief printmaking methods which include ink and watercolour monoprints, collographs, registration techniques and Lino Prints.

Completing the ranks is National Gallery director Mrs. Nancy Barnard who will also resume her basic drawing skills class and encourages all artists, whether established or novice, to give it a try. This course will cover the basics of sketching, shading, composition, perspective etc.

All of the classes, which run throughout the week in the evenings, will be housed in the workshop area of the education centre which is designed as a place where artists can meet and create freely, with few limitations on their creative pursuits both during these sessions and in our open studio hours.

The Gallery is offering a limited number of teen scholarships and encourage interested parties to send an application specifying their course of choice for consideration to [email protected] .

The Gallery encourages anyone with the slightest artistic sensibility to join these diverse classes as it’s never too late to pick up a paint brush.

For class dates and information call the National Gallery at 945-8111