BT roadblock snares offenders

A roadblock operation in Bodden Town on Friday night netted a wide array of offences.

Taking part in the operation – on Shamrock Road at the junction of Condor Avenue – were 12 police officers and four Immigration officers.

The roadblock resulted in one arrest of over staying, 18 offences of failing to display a current coupon, six offences of defective lights, four offences of failing to display proper plates, one offence of a defective horn and one offence of defective tyres.

There was one arrest, 30 traffic offences dealt with by way of traffic tickets and four road side breath tests, said the RCIP.

In addition, the Immigration officers were able to check on the status of 75 foreign nationals.

‘This was another well planned operation in partnership with the Immigration Department,’ said RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan.

‘It demonstrates our commitment to reducing crime and disorder on the island.

‘We will continue to run initiatives of this kind in an effort to increase public satisfaction and confidence,’ he added.

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