Today’s Editorial December 07: Drink responsibly

Once again the bad behaviour of a few has caused the long of the arm of the law to come up with a way to correct their deeds.

This time the Liquor Board is being asked to take up the matter of bar patrons taking their drink outside.

Things have gotten so bad at one establishment that a long-time businessman had to go before the Liquor Board to seek help.

He’s tired of people from the neighbouring bar sitting outside and drinking in public.

He’s tired of them parking their cars in the cul-de-sac between the pub and his place of business.

He’s tired of them throwing their empty bottles and trash on his property.

He’s tired of them parking on his property.

And he’s sick and tired of the abuse he takes when he tries to intervene.

He even went to the liquor board armed with a photograph of a man passed out in the road in front of the bar he’s got a beef with.

He has a right to be sick and tired of the whole scenario.

People drinking illegally in public are a nuisance – and not just to tourists. They’re embarrassing to those of us who live and work here and their actions are sending the wrong message to our children.

It seems that since Hurricane Ivan the behaviour of many bar patrons has become unbelievable and unbearable.

There are too many fights inside and outside of taverns on a weekly basis.

There is no reason people should be carrying baseball bats, machetes or knives to drinking or entertainment establishments.

It’s obvious they’re going there for one thing in mind – to get drunk and start a fight.

And it’s these fools the Royal Cayman Islands Police department is targeting.

While it is the bad behaviour of a few patrons that has the attention of the Liquor Licence Board, owners of these liquor licensed establishments should also be accountable.

It is incumbent on them to make sure patrons keep their drinks inside the establishments and not participate in public drinking.

It is also the responsibility of bartenders to make sure that patrons who have had too much to drink are cut off.

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