Police getting new radars

The Royal Cayman Islands Police will have another tool to fight speeders with the arrival of 13 new radar units next week.

The three handheld and 10 in-car units will cost almost $30,000 in total, said RCIP media liaison Maria McLean.

Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan said getting the radar units was an important step.

‘I intend to provide my officers with the tools they need in order for them to do their job effectively,’ he said. ‘The new radars are necessary for us to monitor speed control and in turn, prevent unnecessary accidents and deaths on our roads.’

Many of the RCIP’s radar units were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan, said Sergeant Adrian Barnett of the Traffic Department.

‘Basically, we’re replacing equipment lost during the hurricane,’ Sergeant Barnett said. ‘We need radar to enforce the speed limits in the Cayman Islands.’

The RCIP has only seven operational radar units, two of which are handheld units used by officers on motorbikes.

Two of the new radar units will be installed in cars on Cayman Brac, and one will go to Little Cayman, Sergeant Barnett said.

The others will be installed in cars on Grand Cayman and will be working by next week.

The RCIP has bought and paid for 16 new police cars, which are scheduled to arrive on Grand Cayman in April, Sergeant Barnett said, adding that four of those vehicles have been specifically earmarked to supplement the three cars already designated to the Traffic Department.

In the interim, the radar units will be installed on some of the existing approximately 80 vehicles in the RCIP fleet, Sergeant Barnett said.

The addition of the radar units was welcome news to Ken Chand of Motor & General Insurance, who said speeding is the No. 1 cause of vehicle accidents in his opinion.

Mr. Chand said Motor & General donated a radar unit to the RCIP three months ago and have ordered three more units for the police, which are scheduled to arrive on the island in early January he said.

‘All the cars should have them so the police are better equipped to handle speeders,’ he said.

‘[The new radar units] will stop some of the wrecks we see,’ Mr. Chand added. ‘When people know the police have radar, hopefully it will slow them down.’

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