WB drug land cleared

A wooded area in West Bay was being cleared yesterday to stop it being used as a hide-away for drug addicts to congregate and use illegal substances.

And Chief Inspector Courtney Myles warned that when the junkies now go elsewhere to do their drugs, the police will hunt them down.

The wooded area, measuring about 50 by 75 feet, is on Florrie Dell Road, just off Watercourse Road.

Despite numerous raids and arrests in this area, it still continues to be used as a hang-out, and neighbours in the area have complained that the addicts are causing disturbance by their behaviour and the playing of music.

The drug takers had made themselves comfortable in the area of brush, by bringing tables and chairs in amongst the trees for their use.

‘They would congregate here and use drugs under the cover of the trees,’ explained Chief Inspector Myles, who added that the addicts had made a track from the road into the brush.

However, now that the area was being cleared, he said that the offenders will move on to another place to carry out their drug taking. However, the police will hunt them out wherever they go, he said.

Following a request from the police, the landowners gave their consent for the area to be cleared.

Chief Inspector Myles said that some years ago the area had already been cleared, but after a re-growth of brush and trees, it had become a hide-away once more for the addicts.

West Bay Community Relations Officer, Steve Myers, said clearing will be done in other areas also, if need be.

‘We’re trying to make the community a better place for everyone to live,’ he said.

Officer Myers is encouraging West Bay residents to call him or the Chief Inspector if they have any information to give to help wipe out this sort of activity. Officer Myers said the information will be acted on, and done so confidentially.

Contact Officer Myers at 916-5463 or Chief Inspector Myles at the West Bay Police Station on 949-3990 with any information.

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