Please stop moaning, Canucks

I read, with some sense of bemused irony, Lynn Leger’s letter, Canadian expat feels unwelcome, in the 10 November edition of The Compass.

I have several Canadian friends, some of them among my closest. I work with Canadians; I have met numerous Canadians in the 12 or so years I have lived in the Cayman Islands. I consider Canadians to be generally likable and genuine people but one thing I have noticed about Canadians is – boy, can they moan!

Canadians can moan on the subject of just about anything and with very little provocation, but one thing they can moan about in unison is the Québécoise (French Canadians) in Canada.

It struck me that one might draw a parallel here to Ms Leger’s moan about her treatment by Caymanians but being from the UK, what would I know, eh?

As long as Caymanians are berated for being this, that or the other by either fellow Caymanians or ex-pats, do we really expect to see any improvement?

Tony Hopwood

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