Dolphin programme liability

Opponents of the captive dolphin programme have stated rather clearly that there is a real danger of dolphin waste negatively impacting the reef in the area.

I would like to see the Department of Environment establish a base line level of reef quality now prior to the opening of the captive dolphin programme to determine any future damage which could occur from this facility over time.

If like many opponents have stated that reef damage does occur then I would like to see the owners of the dolphin programme held liable for the damage and clean up.

I want to make it clear that I don’t want any damage or clean up passed on to government. It is the responsibility of the principles of the captive dolphin program and if they are unwilling to accept this responsibility then government should revoke dolphin import permits.

The reef area around the turtle farm is now in very good condition and its decline should not be tolerated.

John Augsbury