Iron in school water

Water tests at George Hicks High School show that there is no bacterium in the water and the pH and chlorine levels are normal.

However, Water Authority lab analyses found high iron content in the water, which officials initially are surmising is the result of corrosion in metal piping.

Further examinations are being made of the school’s water and plumbing system to identify and resolve this issue.

In the meantime, provisions have been made to supply safe drinking water to the 941 George Hicks students, as well as the staff. Students are advised to take their own bottled water or to purchase drinking water from the canteen.

Classes resumed as usual this morning Tuesday after an early break in the school day Monday due to problems with the water supply system, when discolouration was found in some, but not all, of the water taps and drinking fountains across the school compound.

After consultation with the Education Ministry and Department of Education, the decision was made to close the school about two hours early to safeguard against potential risks.