Young leader finalists named

Five finalists have been named for the 2006 Young Caymanian Leadership Award.

The award will be presented at the YCLA gala ceremony Saturday, 11 March, at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The ceremony is part of the evening’s programme, which will be televised live on Cayman27 starting at 9pm, states a YCLA press release.

The YCLA nominations sub-committee stated that the process was ‘by no means an easy one. This year the board received a record number of nominations for outstanding young Caymanian men and women all of whom demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in multiple areas of their respective lives’.

The five finalists, in alphabetical order, are: Jeana Ebanks, Pearlina McGaw, Kyle McLean, Rayle Roberts and Jonathan Tibbetts.

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The committee continued to describe the process, ‘Whilst there is no single defining factor that can be attributed to the role of a true leader (in every sense of the word) there are certain qualities that the Recipient of the YCLA must have. Those qualities include a strong social conscience, humility, and the demonstrated ability to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. Whilst the level of academic achievement is important the demonstrated ability to serve as a role model and to be worthy of being emulated by our young people is a key factor in the selection process. It therefore follows that the level and nature of community involvement (whether by way of voluntary service or participation in local charitable or other service organizations) will undoubtedly be one of the deciding factors in the selection of this year’s recipient of the YCLA’.

Determining the five finalists is a comprehensive procedure. The first step is the call for nominations from the community, which produced the 19 candidates.

The second step is scoring each candidate by the nominations sub-committee.

The candidate is individually scored in each of the following areas, on a scale of 1 – 20:

• Personality, including communications skills and image

• Level of leadership in all facets of life: personal, professional and spiritual

• Community involvement, including voluntary service and/or participation in local charitable and other community service organisations

• Ambassadorship – availability as well as capability to represent the Foundation if awarded the title

• Role Model – the candidate must be worthy of being emulated by the young people of the Cayman Islands

Based on these scores, the sub-committee then collectively recommends a shortlist of finalists to present to the Honorary Board. The list is approved and the five finalists confirmed and announced.

The final phase of deciding the recipient of the 2006 Young Caymanian Leadership Award involves a taped interview of each finalist. Every honorary board member scores the candidates by secret ballot.

The recipient of the 2006 YCLA is the candidate who receives the highest scores overall. The name of the YCLA recipient is kept secret until the awards presentation.

The 2006 YCLA is over three quarters sold out, with corporate tables selling very quickly. Space is limited and interested parties are encouraged to contact Melissa Wolfe immediately to reserve tickets for the event. The YCLA has been a sell-out event since its inception in 1999.

To reserve your tickets, or if you have any questions, contact Mrs. Wolfe at 916-8335, 749-YCLA or by email at [email protected]

Five finalists

Jeana Ebanks

Ms Ebanks obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from the University of Tampa, and then qualified as a Certified Public Accountant. She is a founding director of Anglin Ebanks and Associates Ltd. Certified Public Accountants. She is well known for the active role, which she plays in the community including treasurer of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Executive Committee, the Mission and Outreach Committee and After School Programme of the John Gray United Church, and former positions with the West Bay Community Council, National Trust, CI Football Association, Girls’ Brigade, Overseas Students Association and Key Club.

Pearlina McGaw

Ms McGaw holds a Masters Degree in Law (with Honours) from Bristol University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Howard University in Washington, DC. This young woman previously held the position of legal advisor at Fortis Bank for two years before joining Caledonian Bank where she holds the position of corporate manager.

Ms McGaw is member of the Young Business and Professional Women’s Club and Task, Turtle Farm Board and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Club. She has also held the position of director of the Health Authority Board and member of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, in addition to also being actively involved in various other community projects.

Kyle McLean

Mr. McLean graduated Stetson University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Accounting) and a Minor in Information Technology, then earned a Masters Degree at ICCI.

After university, he joined the Portfolio of Finance and Economics (Budget and Management Unit) of the CI Government where he served as budget liaison officer. He transferred to the Department of Tourism as financial administrator and more recently was promoted to deputy chief financial officer in the Ministry of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing.

Mr. McLean’s ability to serve effectively as a leader has been demonstrated by his service on many boards including: second vice president of the Management Council and member of the Housing Assistance Committee of the Civil Service Association; treasurer and board member, Cayman Islands Crisis Centre; assistant treasurer and past president, Commonwealth Youth Club; member, Graduate Advisory Committee of ICCI.

Recently he was appointed chairperson for the Grievance Committee for the CI Civil Service Association.

Rayle Roberts

Mr. Roberts is a very active member in the community and is well known for his role and skills as a motivational speaker as well as his involvement in the community through the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, The Leos Club, The Cayman Islands Athletic Association, the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee, the Library Committee as well as the Cayman Crisis Centre and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Club.

He holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and Counselling and also possesses a Minor in Gerontology. He is a therapist and is the only Caymanian hypnotherapist.

He provides his services though the Wellness Centre of which he is also an owner.

Jonathan Tibbetts

Mr. Tibbetts possesses degrees in education and held the position of elementary school teacher from 2000 to 2004 when he served as vice principal.

He is the general manager of Cayman Brac Power & Light. Mr. Tibbetts has held and continues to hold various leadership, management and executive positions and is well known for the active role which he has played in the community throughout the years.

He is proud of his extensive involvement in the community, which includes Sunday school and youth leader at Stake Bay Baptist Church; board of directors, Big Brothers & Big Sisters; Educational Council member; MLA Advisory Council member; Cayman Brac Day Care PTA member; member, Disaster Recovery Board; All School Volunteer presenter; Cayman Islands Sports Association, sponsor/member; Cayman Brac Heritage Committee member.

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