Hot action in Spikeapalooza

The Spikeapalooza Beach Volleyball Tournament was a big hit on Saturday at the Public Beach, Seven Mile Beach. The popular competition was hosted by radio station X 107.1 and sanctioned by the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation. It ended in nail-biting gold medal matches, with the Mixed Fours and Men’s Doubles lasting till the third game to decide the winners.

Mens Doubles winner

Cayotics, the winning team in the Mens Doubles with Carl Brenton, the chairman of the Cayman Islands Beach Volleyball Committee (centre)

Some 60 players, forming 17 teams, entered the tournament on Public Beach, which was followed by an X 107.1 Happy Hour, sponsored by Cayman Distributors, at Calico Jacks.

In the Women’s Doubles, the Sea Babes, (Wanda Brenton and Jody McFarland) came first. The Cayotics (Shervin Rankin and Olney (OT) Thompson) took the lead in the Men’s Doubles, while Cafe del Sol won the Mixed Fours.

The finalists won a selection of prizes including Cayman Airways tickets to Florida to watch an AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tournament plus accommodation, and gift certificates. All players were given X 107.1 goodie bags, water and energy drinks.

Carl Brenton, the chairman of the Cayman Islands Beach Volleyball Committee commented: ‘We had a fantastic turnout for the event and great spectator participation. All players expressed they had a great day. X 107.1 was a huge contributor to the success of our first beach volleyball tournament. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and support.’

Mr. Brenton added that the Spikeapalooza tournament is the start of many volleyball events to come. For further information, people can e-mail [email protected].

Other sponsors of the event included Fiji-Water, B-52 Energy Drink, Michelob Ultra and Signs of Paradise. X 107.1 is an MTV affiliate.

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