Sullivan slugs game winning homer for Dart

In the 10-to-12 Division and the Dart against Too Hot game Mike Sullivan hit the game winning home run in the bottom of the 5th to secure the win.

In Tee Ball and the Digicel against Butterfield game Butterfield started with excellent batting. Jordan got a good hit in the 2nd Inning and Sean who is 5 made it to 1st base. Great play by Digicel and a game that could have gone either way fell the way of Butterfield. In the Home Gas Ltd VS. RE/MAX game the score was 22 to 19 in favor of Home Gas Ltd. The game was a great one with lots of hits from both sides; Home Gas was the Home team so RE/MAX got to bat first. They were strong on the bats and scoring runs readily before the first out came. Daneliz was able to field an infield grounder and make the play at home plate to get the 1st out and a couple of Batters later Home Gas was able to end RE/MAX’S rally when Home Gas’ newest player Abe was able to make a double play at home. Home Gas came to bat and the runs were flowing like water when RE/MAX made the 1st out on a great throw to 1st base for the out. Then the runs started again when RE/MAX made the second out at Home plate on the last batter. RE/MAX came up in the second inning swinging the bats again hard but Home Gas defense was tough and made two outs in the field and 3 outs at the plate to end the second inning. Home Gas came to bat in the second with a vengeance and was really hitting the ball hard. RE/MAX made a couple of good plays but the hits kept coming with Key hits by Ethan, James, Kieram and a Home run by Zion to Win the game.

In the Final Touch against Red Sail game Mathew Whorms hit a spectacular home run that together with great defensive play by Final Touch earned them the game. In the Subway against CIBC game there was great play by both sides. Home runs by Daniel Harrington, Mathew Rich and Adebajo Oremule secured the victory for CIBC.

Richard McMillan, understudy T-Ball League co-coordinator commented: ‘The great thing about T-Ball is that a significant portion of the 5 to 7 year old children of our Island go out every Saturday and learn life lessons about team play, fair play, trying your best and pick up some softball playing skills at the same time. The expression ‘Any given Saturday’ certainly applies as you see the majority of the teams this weekend with the most losses upset the teams with the best records. This is the best thing about Little League as the kids never remember who wins or looses but they remember the examples their coaches set them in terms of team spirit, sportsmanship and play your best whilst playing within the rules. Just look at how many games are won, tied or lost by one play and you have to smile. No coach can take credit for their record as it is all about whether what goes well out ways what goes against you or vice-versa and really who cares anyway.’

In the Pony Division and the Conyers against Caribbean Publishing game awesome pitching by Rhomar kept the score very close. Lots of hitting from both teams was met with similarly impressive defense. Good hitting by Keeland Green helped secure the win for Caribbean Publishing.

In the Esso against FirstCaribbean game Esso pulled ahead 8 -7 after the two innings of player’s pitching with great base stealing by Jagger. Esso batted well and Ryan Burke caught a huge hit to the outfield to secure an out. Ryan also hit a home run with an RBI to pull the game closer after Esso took a 3 run lead going into the 4th Inning. FirstCaribbean were one run behind with two outs when Adam Stoner hit solidly to take first base. Abbie McMillan who had struck out in her previous two at bats squared up to the pitching machine and had her best hit of the Season to the Outfield to make it to 3rd base and bring Adam home for the tying run. Howard was up next and had a great hit to bring Abbie home and win the game for FirstCaribbean. This was almost too much excitement for the coaches involved and the parents watching.

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