Digicel project gets green thumbs up

As part of Digicel’s commitment to help rebuild the Cayman Islands after Hurricane Ivan, Digicel staff recently embarked on a landscaping project to beautify the newly built home of Mrs. Doris Mejia.

In September of 2005, Digicel pledged a contribution of $50,000 to the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund to reconstruct the home of 75-year-old Mrs. Mejia, which was made completely uninhabitable by the high winds and waters of the hurricane, said a Digicel press release.

Mrs. Mejia’s home suffered severe roof and structural damage, and all contents of her home were destroyed. As a result she was left without running water and electricity and was forced to live in sub-standard conditions that were extremely difficult given her age and health.

Thanks to Digicel’s donation and the efforts of the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund, Mrs. Mejia’s property was cleared of debris and the remaining parts of the original structure were demolished in order to be replaced with an entirely new and solid structure.

After several months of intense labour and much anticipation, Mrs. Mejia’s house has been rebuilt and she has moved in to her brand new home.

In order to make a further difference to Mrs. Mejia’s new home, Digicel staff members volunteered their time and effort to a much needed landscaping project that sought to beautify the surroundings of Mrs. Mejia’s new home.

Digicel staff and members of the CINRF put their gardening skills to work early one Saturday morning as they set out with their shovels, rakes, and spades to remove debris, plant flowers and add some finishing touch ups to the overall appearance of the yard.

‘We were delighted to be able to take part in this landscaping project to help clean up the surroundings of Mrs. Mejia’s new home,’ said Digicel CEO Mr. JD Buckley.

‘This project highlights our commitment to go beyond merely a financial contribution as we always try to be involved every step of the way. It is definitely heart warming to see Mrs. Mejia enjoy the comfort of her new home and we hope that she will experience many happy memories there.’

Digicel purchased all plants and other materials needed for the landscaping project, and donated all gardening supplies bought for the project to the National Recovery Fund for use on future landscaping projects.

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