‘A beautiful start’

It was a long time coming but Robert Campbell wasn’t complaining. He was too happy to finally see his dream come true.

Campbell’s new speedway opened Monday in Breakers, drawing hundreds of fans and some of Cayman’s top racers. Only phase one, a 1/8th mile drag strip, was ready for action as Campbell rushed the opening. He felt pushed, he says, by the rising death toll on Cayman’s roads. Breakers Speedway, he says, will not only be a place to race. It also will serve to educate young drivers and promote driving safety.

Breakers Speedway

Long time coming. Robert Campbells eight-year effort to open Breakers Speedway finally succeeded Monday.
Photo: Guy P. Harrison

‘We’re just getting started,’ said a busy Campbell on Monday. ‘This is really only the start of a long journey for motorsports. Today will show us ways we can improve and make things even better.’

A group of racing experts from the US were on hand to help with the debut of the Breakers Speedway, including officials from the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. One of them commented that Cayman’s new race facility is ‘loaded with potential’, including the possibility of hosting big events that would include elite US drivers.

‘This is definitely good for Cayman,’ said local driver Lance Barnes. ‘We are all quite pleased with it. It really does give us something to do and it will keep us off the streets.’

‘This is a beautiful start,’ said Alan Styer, of Miami’s Checkered Flag Racing, on hand to help with the officiating of the day’s drag racing. ‘It’s so good to see that kids in the Cayman Islands now have a place to come to do their racing.

‘This is a big plus for Cayman and for the whole Caribbean. I feel confident that when this is all finished it will be the showcase of the Caribbean. Today is really a beautiful start to something great.’

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