Taking issue with story

Your April 6th article “Captive dolphins found frolicking” amounts to a press release by Dolphin Cove – it cannot be considered journalism. It is indefensible that no one in Jamaica was contacted to confirm Dolphin Cove’s assertions.

As I am aware of space constraints, I will respond to only one of the many half truths and outright fabrications in the article.

The article states that only four dolphins have died at Dolphin Cove and two were still births. Using our Access to Information legislation, the Jamaica Environment Trust sought and obtained the necropsies for all the dolphins that have died in captivity in Jamaica. Eight dolphins have died here – two were calves, but none was stillborn. One calf was 14 days old, the other four months old. Among the causes of death were: peritonitis, perforation of the stomach, pneumonia, ingested sting ray spine, septicemia, severe pancreatitis, severe hepatitis, heart attack, ulcer, excessive pain and neurological shock.

I am deeply disappointed that a reputable newspaper would publish such a one-sided and unresearched article. I really hope the Caymanian Compass will consider giving equal space for a full rebuttal to the great many inaccuracies contained in the April 6th piece.

Diana McCaulay – Jamaica Environment Trust

Editor’s Note: The front page article on the dolphinariums in Jamaica was a feature story intended to let people in the Cayman Islands know what to expect if they ventured into one of the facilities, which are operated by a group that is building a similar facility in the Cayman Islands. The story was a reflection of what the reporter observed. It was never intended to be an investigative piece. And no, the Caymanian Compass will not give equal space for a full rebuttal. The captive dolphin opposition has received far more press from this publication than any dolphinarium developers. We will continue to present both sides of the issue via newspaper articles and letters to the editor that are 500 words or less and do not libel.

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