Today’s Editorial May 03: Tell PO what you want

Want a say in how and when you get your mail?

Then trek on down to your nearest post office and fill out the Cayman Islands Post Office survey.

Post box holders should have received a copy of the survey along with their mail Friday.

Those who share post boxes or get their mail general delivery can swing by any post office, pick up a copy of the survey, fill it out and turn it in.

It’s imperative that we all participate in this survey, which is an effort to take the postal service forward.

You’ll be asked whether you’re able to get your postal business completed during regular hours of 8.30am until 5pm, Monday through Friday and whether you’d like to see the Cayman Islands Post Office extend its hours – even to the point of opening on Saturdays.

Those who have a long history in the Cayman Islands remember when post offices were open on Saturdays.

It was a time when neighbours met up at the post office to swap stories of the week gone by; of illnesses, updates on kin folk, and kids’ progress at home and abroad.

Saturdays at the post office gave each district in the Cayman Islands a genuine village feel.

Those who revel in that bit of nostalgia may want to tick the Saturday opening option on the survey.

Those conducting the survey also want to know if you would like home delivery of your mail and parcels and if you would be willing to pay for it.

And there is the rub.

If we as citizens and residents of the Cayman Islands insist that our postal system stay open longer and generally make our lives easier, we’re going to have to be willing to pony up the money to pay for the convenience.

Government has already announced a proposed price hike for postage rates to help raise much-needed revenue.

Local postage rates, which were last increased in 2001, are proposed to increase from 15-cents to 25-cents.

International rates are slated to go up as is the cost of unaddressed mail.

In all, the Government hopes the postal rate increases alone will generate $900,000 in additional revenue to its coffers in the next fiscal year.

You might want to keep all of that in mind when you’re filling out the postal survey.

But by all means, do fill out the survey. Too often decisions are made without our collective input

This is one instance where a Governmental service is trying to work with all of us to improve a product.

It’s a chance for your voice to be heard.

And if you need some additional incentive to take the survey, participants who complete the survey and turn it in between 9am and 11am through Friday will be treated with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or punch and a newspaper. Customers will also receive a postal coffee cup – first come, first served.

The above offer is good only at Seven Mile Beach, Airport, George Town, Cayman Brac West End and Little Cayman post offices.

The surveys, though, can be turned in at any post office.

Take a few minutes and let the postal service know what you think.

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