Texans get a taste of Cayman

The Department of Tourism recently introduced 50 of Texas’ top travel agents to the culinary splendours of Cayman at an exciting culinary-inspired sales blitz for the Southwest Region of the US.

A DoT press release explains that from 24-28 April, two VIP culinary events were held in Dallas and Houston at Central Market, a renowned upscale grocery store based in Texas.

Caribbean cooking demonstrations were held at Central Market’s cooking school to give travel agents a first-hand taste of true Caymanian cuisine. Chefs focused on cooking tips and tricks for preparing the recipes so those in attendance could easily replicate the savoury meals in their own home, says the release.

Gladys Howard from Pirate’s Point Resort shared some of her recipes for the cooking demonstrations. At the events, she sold more than 50 copies of her cookbook, Cooking in Little Cayman, with all proceeds going to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

The sales blitz focused on more than culinary delights; there was also a full day training conference in Houston for the travel agents, which included a Cayman Island’s specialist course, a Master’s Dive, and a Master’s Family course, the release ends.

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