Third grader principal for a day

For seven blissful hours, third-grader Hannah Rutty was ‘Principal for a Day’ at Cayman International School.


Principal Hannah makes the students happy with treats during the day. Photo: Jewel Levy

The gutsy seven-year-old had the honour bestowed upon her when her mom won the principal post by bidding highest in a silent auction at the school to raise money for library books.

Arriving at the school Wednesday morning, young Hannah replaced International School Director, Dr. Gregory Hedger, in carrying out the duties of Principal and met with administrative staff to discuss the day’s agenda.

Dressed in a yellow long-sleeved shirt, tie, khaki pants and a badge, which read I am the Boss, young Hannah seemed well prepared to carry out her duties and make a few of her own.

During assembly she gave longer recesses and lunch breaks, refused to let the school’s mascot iguana have his say, staged a dress as you like day, toured classes, e-mail parents, and took phone calls.

In her official role Hannah also toured the new Cayman International School facilities at Camana Bay.

Each morning during assembly, Principal Hedger brings the school’s mascot, which is a stuffed green iguana to the ceremony. During that time he has a silent chat with the Iguana and then relays the message for the day back to the students.

With Hannah in charge this was one morning that the iguana would not have his say.

‘Being nervous and all that I just figured that I had enough to deal with, so Mr. Iguana was left lying on a chair. Instead I just talked to the students,’ she said.

When it came time for recess, young Hannah carrying a basket loaded with sweets and greeted the students in the play area.

‘We like the new principal, free candy, longer recess and lunch break and a cool civvies day,’ said classmates Sebastian Panton, Aaron Hersant and Dean Addleson. ‘She should have also given us a day off from school work,’

‘Being principal was something I always wanted to do and it was lots of fun. Visiting the classroom and hearing the other students cheer me on made me feel very good.’

Principal Hedger looked like he had every confidence in young Hannah assuming his position as he observed her interacting with students and teachers.

Hannah said during her day as principal she had lots of fun.

‘I enjoyed signing all the papers, touring the new school, handing out candy giving out longer lunch break and running the last assembly for the school year.

‘One of the things I also got to do was to observe and learn about all the things the teachers had to do. I found that students were staying on task, asking appropriate questions and following directions.

‘A favourite part of the day was when I visited my Year 3 classroom, classmates clapped and cheered me on.’

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