Hall is Cayman’s top batsman

Cayman cricket has a new top batsman.

Jamaican national Ainsley Hall has emerged as the top batsman for the 2006 division 1 cricket season. Mr. Hall had many great batting performances all season including batting 179 not out in 15 overs in one game. Hall has been playing for his team, By-Rite Sports Club, for the past 2 years.

‘I have been able to become a great batsman through hard training and lots of effort,’ Mr. Hall said.

National cricket coach Theo Cuffy was equally pleased with Mr. Hall’s performance this season.

‘He is an excellent player. He has come a long way. I have always known he was a great player. He has been putting in the effort and is progressing down the right path. He was even a member of the national team last year,’ Coach Cuffy said.

Mr. Hall discussed how he got involved with division 1 cricket.

‘I first started playing division 1 cricket in 2000. When I first came to Cayman, I had a friend in Environmental Health tell me about Cayman cricket. After that I joined up and started playing with Environmental Health for awhile.’

According to Mr. Hall, he first got involved with cricket at the age of 7 in his native country of Jamaica. He started playing cricket because of his older brother who was always involved in cricket training.

Coach Cuffy was very optimistic about Mr. Hall’s future in cricket.

‘He has a great future in Cayman cricket. He remains focused, listens well and is a hard worker. He has great potential. I am confident that he will be a credit to the Cayman Islands. He certainly has a great future in the sport of cricket.’

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