Budget targets education, youth

Caymanians involved in education, training, employment, youth, sports and culture have a lot to look forward to in the coming fiscal year.

The 2006/2007 Cayman Islands Government budget in now officially in effect and a preliminary breakdown shows the Ministry responsible for these areas will be receiving CI$119.26 million, close to 24 per cent of the total annual budget.

The Portfolio of Internal & External Affairs comes a close second with CI$87.9 million or 17 per cent of the overall budget allocations.

In terms of operating expenses, however, Internal and External Affairs nabs CI$68.6 million or 18 per cent of the budget while the Ministry of Education, Training Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture nearly matches it at CI $68.19 million or 17 per cent.

Members of the House began debate on 1 May 2006 and the budget passed on 31 May 2006.

By Ministry/Portfolio, the following numbers provide an overview of what the Government plans to spend (in CI millions) over the next 12 months

In the interest of clarity, Budget allocations have been divided into Operating expenses and Capital Development and Investment expenses.

Michael Nixon, Budget and Management Unit Director remarked that while the amounts allocated to Capital Development and Investment expenses cover such items as buildings, roads, equipment, and vehicles, they does not take into account investments into Statutory Authorities and Government Companies.

Judicial: $9.66 total

Operating: $7.22

Capital: $2.44

Internal & External Affairs: $87.90 total

Operating: $68.60

Capital: $87.90

Legal Affairs: $7.54 total

Operating: $7.26

Capital: $0.28

Finance & Economics: $46.76 total

Operating: $48.81

Capital: $1.59

Tourism, Environment, Investment & Commerce: $50.4 total

Operating: $48.81

Capital: $1.59

District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing: $52.32 total

Operating: $32.27

Capital: $20.05

Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture: $119.26 total

Operating: $68.19

Capital: $51.08

Health & Human Services: $56.29 total

Operating: $55.35

Capital: $0.94

Auditor General: $2.36 total

Operating: $2.34

Capital: $0.02

Cabinet Office: $13.38 total

Operating: $12.10

Capital: $1.29

Complaints Commissioner: $0.79 total

Operating: $0.78

Capital: $0.02

Civil Service: $9.61 total

Operating: $9.29

Capital: $0.32

Communications, Works & Infrastructure: $53.73 total

Operating: $36.46

Capital: $17.27